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What the Chef has been up to: 2004

Objective 1:

Situation: Asigned to guide district instructional designers in design of district technology certification for staff development.

Tasks:Coordination of meetings and production schedule, complete instructional design documentation, pretest design and development, proficiency requirements

Actions: Interviewed Staff Development coordinators and department chairs to determine required skillsets required. Formative analysis included: Audience analysis. Environmental analysis. Task analysis. Intervention design and development. Evaluative rubric created. ID's served as instriuctors. Pilot group chosen by application.Program piloted in Fall semester. Summative evaluation and redesign.Program instituted in Spring semester.

Results: Completed design , curriculum and wrote Internet section and Information evaluation criteria to supplement Thomson training manuals. Pilot program was successful with 6 participants receiving certification. Taught internet section of training as well. I did a complete preliminary Instructional Design analysis for the basis of the certificate to serve as a benchmark for the final design and development of all subsequent tracks.
Objective2: Blackboard training for faculty and staff

Situation; Ongoing need for newe faculty and new users of LMS to learn how to manage their own course sites.

Task: Complete stand up hands on training in conjunction with overview of online and print media reference tutorials and help materials.

Actions: Completed the following training for faculty and staff:

Completed special section of training for adjunct faculty and new faculty orientation. Redesigned training for ongoing just-in-time needs from 101/102 format to basics/topics format to accommodate our growing user base. Trained new Blackboard Coordinator, Jim Bone who is being grandfathered in as new coordinator. Continued to troubleshoot Blackboard issues and provide quality support to faculty and students in lieu of student help desk.

Designed Blackboard/Bannerweb tutorial and provided informational materials to advisors.

Completed redesign of Blackboard faculty information pages.

Conducted Blackboard Question and Answer session Summer 2003.

Question pool/Assessments in Blackboard Training.

Completed Research Librarian’s Guide to Blackboard.

Results: Sessions continue to be well attended and faculty evaluation forms reflect high satisfaction and pertinence of training sessions. Each participant completes a Blackboard site design and hands on population of site with course information or useable content in the context of the training sessions.Shift to modular training design and offering multiple sessions at alternative times led to broader participation among adjunct faculty in particular. Required training for new faculty jumpstarted use by that populatiion as well. Numbers: We now have over 2200 course sites being used district wide per year, with 35,000 users in the student database. Spring and Fall semesters are hovering near 1000 courses using Blackboard each semester.

Situation: Charged to provide training of faculty/staff in New media applications.

Tasks:Respond to requests for training from individuals, Staff development council, distance learning, and departments.

Actions: Trained dozens in a variety of applications on a one on one basis. Dreamweaver, IE, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Troubleshooting of individual challenges on regular basis.

Provided special request training for faculty in Imovie.

Consulted with staff development council and generated multiple and ongoing certification projects.

New faculty training fall and spring semesters. 8 participants.

Trained faculty in web search and evaluation of web based information .

2 sessions on staff develoment day Fall 2003.

Completed training session for 14 Chem Tech students in Powerpoint basics.

Guidance and help for faculty through user server migration- Assisted 33 faculty in updating pages..

Became part of core group, and attended all meetings of the FV Distance Learning Users Group.

Aided Mike Fuller in several out of country media disseminations to his courses.

Met over a dozen times with other ID’s in furtherance of one college impetus.

Development / production of instructional and college projects

Major projects: Created media for Theater (multiple projects)

Manufacturing Technology Gateway website (innovator of the Year award Winner for District!)

Biology, Video production for campus events,

Began Online Instruction Certificate design.

Completed new DVD projects for North County Cares, CASS.

Redesigned Anatomy&Physiology Interactions project and Nursing Coursebuilder interactions.

Too many small jobs to relate here.

Results: Faculty and staff continue to produce innovative learning environments by mastering the toolset available to them. FV continues to lead the way in district best practices for teaching and learning.
Objective 3:

Situation: Charge to facilitate transition of Jim Bone to become Blackboard LMS Coordinator for FV.

Tasks::Train Jim in Blackboard Administrative duties and insure changeover to new point person is known throughout service area.

Actions: Introduce Jim to Department Heads, Power users, and new faculty. Training proceeded by hands on one on one tutoring, and serving as the overseer during transition. Changed all formal reporting procedures and did sitewide search and replace of contact information. Grandfathered Jim into all processes and meetings and coached him on best practices and filled in for him when he was out and supplemented his work when required.

Worked with faculty on ongoing basis to create a smooth transition of duties to Jim Bone.

Continued to support faculty as a Blackboard Administrator- in Jim’s absence and in association with Jim.

Attended administrator meetings, added faculty (and students) and set up special class scenarios.

Results: Jim has been acceptd as the new administrator and is meeting requirements at this time.I will transition off the Blackboard administrators group over the next year so as to minimize role confusion.

Objective 4:

Situation: Charged to keep up with changing technologies.

Task:Find opportunities and choose and complete training for professional development.

Actions: Completed Final Cut Pro training,

Robodemo training,

Breeze training,

Attended Online teaching symposium at SIUE.

Completed Blackboard 6.2 training.

Learned learning interactions in Flash.

Attended Adobe Acrobat Professional training. Attended Web accessibility Webcast.

Reviewed New Media solutions for teaching and learning- Questionmark, Impatica, Breeze, RoboDemo, e-documents and e-books, Flash plug-ins, Respondus. Attended Boris Red hands on seminar,

VMI Canopus demo and lighting seminar.

Results: I continue to be able to provide cutting edge solutions to instructional problems and leadership to managers of change in the SLCC district.

Performance Evaluation comments 2004

Job Performance

Forecasting and Planning-“Anthony is leading in the preparation of the faculty for the changes in the classroom technology and the learning community with the technology certificate program.”
Organization and Administration-“His work is under control and he is flexible in emergencies.”
Delegation-“Works well with peers across the college.”
Follow-Up and control-“Clients comment on Anthony’s attention to detail
Communications-“Clear concise communication.”
Problem Solving-“Works at all parts of the problem not just the present symptom.”
Decision making-“A good decision maker.”
Relationships with superiors-“Works well with all including superiors.”
Relationships with Peers-“Continues the IR tradition of working with counterparts across the college. Has the one-college ideal.”
Goal Orientation-“Anthony is a goal oriented person.”
Training an development of Others-“Anthony’s forte. Always well received.”
Stimulating Motivation in Others- “An inspiration in his workmanship.”
Job knowledge- “Keeps abreast of changes.”

Personal Performance

Energy, drive and enthusiasm “a hard worker.”
Creative ability “Great skills.”
Analytical ability-“Understands the facets of the problems.”
Judgment-“Investigates then decides.”
Cooperativeness and adaptability-“Very cooperative.”
Initiative-“Works to find solutions and anticipates needs.”
Leadership ability-“a leader on campus.”
Personal development-“Anthony is always studying.”
Mission-“Anthony has a good grounding in the mission and services to clients and students.”
Ethics-“Ethical and adheres to all standards of the profession.”

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