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What the Chef has been up to: 2004-05

Caveat emptor:Webchef activities is not exhaustive.

Technology Training for Fac/staff
Supervised 2 ETSC proficiencies
New Faculty Orientation
Library staff- training on Library technologies
Seven Blackboard training sessions Fall semester : Blackboad 101 and 102
Six training sessions Spring 05
_ Blackboard Basics (2)
_ BB Communications tools (2)
_ What’s New in Blackboard (2)
Photoshop Elements training for Library Staff
Taught Internet Essentials for ETSC twice
CTL training- Image Capture
Paul Nygard tutorial time- online communication tools
Worked with Howard Mayes troubleshooting course site
Peggy Moody troubleshooting and uploading quiz cartridges
Blackboard session for Social Sciences faculty
Staff Development Day
Dreamweaver tutorial for Forum
Mary Hare-Writing Center

Technology and Design projects

Set up Blackboard and ftp site for Dale Gerstenecker
Set up Blackboard and ftp site for Mike Fuller archeological site
Theatre- Sound effects DVD
Created handouts for CTL Teaching for a Change
Breeze server testing
Created Flash Quizzes
Update to District BB Faculty resource pages
Met with district ID’s monthly
Worked on SI logo and presentation
Set up Scanning station- Library
Researched blogging requirements for FORUM
China trip pages for And Astronomy video editing-Dunbar
Redesign of District Media Services Pages
George Heth alternative methodologies for Biology
McGuffey Underwood presentation
Adams-update of ATT project
Mines ppt and handouts
Ballinger- Powerpoint presentation for Seminar Design of District Productivity training for Staff Development
Summative evaluation of ETSC
Consulted on redesign of district Financial Aid pages
Collected media and secured permissions for League handout resources for ExecDean
Set up course for Mary Askew
Created new 3-D heart model for Donna Wallner in nursing
Smart classroom training -Geist
Consulted with Chaya Gopalan on VPS dissection project
Video capture of various events
League 2004 -2 presentations

Professional development completed

Attended Design of Qualitative and Quantitative Info Seminar
Online Human Performance Improvement Summit ASTD
Participated at 2 SIUE symposia
Attended MIFD , POD and
VARK meetings at UMSL
Macromedia Captivate training
Five Leadership/ mgt. sessions
Breeze training CBIL
League for Innovation Conference on Information Technology


2 presentations at League for Innovation Conference on Information Technology 2004


Tracking with the Magic Chef

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