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What the Chef has been up to: 1999

Anthony’s Projects for
98-99 evaluation year (the ones I remembered to log.)

Situation: Due to my ongoing Instructional Design activities, my skills and input have become much in demand. I have the ongoing charge to generate new uses of Instructional technologies campus wide and now extending to the district as well.

Tasks: Ongoing revision of existing projects, creation of grant funded Technology Enhances Learning project to generate new solutions.

Action: With Center for Teaching and Learning Director, I designed and developed a process by which faculty would apply for grants based on submission of proposed instructional solutions to existing instructional problems. formative evaluarion, analysis, design and developement were completed over the course of one semester and implemtation and summative evaluation in the following semester. Established a project review board who selected the candidages and awarded the grant. One half the grant was givent to begin the projets and the rest rewarded upon successful demionstration of implementation the next semester.

Result: TEL: five fall, five new in spring were generated.

Mense- Powerpoint modules for English comp. remediation
R. Popper- logical fallacies video archive/response form
R. Unger -Quicktime VR of construction sites
Tom Flynn- Deaf English virtual encyclopedia- video and frames
Florence Bommarito- Graphic design basics CD and Quark X-Press CD demo
Sharon North- Graphic calculator project- consulted
Brett Williams- Sound environments project

Evaluation was by demonstration before peers: review, critique, and classroom assessment instruments. Student evaluation was incorporated into the evaluation.

Discussion of possible revisions and ongoing assessment monitoring.

Situation 2: I was charged to provide ongoing just in time training andsupply instructional design experise to individual clients of Media services and the CTL.

Tasks, Ongoing design development and implementation of project and problem based solutions.

Actions: Continued to attend departmental meetings to advertise services. Made it a prioroity to highlight facult accomplishemtns at peer meeting such as staff development day and external conferences. completed ongoing production of solutions tomeet individual and varied instructional and institutional needs.

Results: this has been a year of prioviding prolific solutions to a wide variety of needs.

HTML sites completed

Engineering site linked and tested
Eilene homepage / training
Mense html site/helped and
Constitutional Issues- Murphy completed site
Student e-mail tutorial-created web version
Mike Fuller website and template
Joyce Graham- library webpages help
Web Board- Irish studies
Created online form for Media Services Circulation
Changed Circulation handbook into online html version
Sandy- 4 presentations to web based version

Advanced the cause of media production services by Multimedia/video/presentations

League for Innovation presentation- “Technical issues in Teaching on the Web”

12 Multimedia Certification classes taught
4 district ID’s trained in Authorware
Palank video capture for IT course completed
Classified staff orientation project - html half done
Mense Skiner -Premiere overview- training sessions
Digital camera/scanner usage surging- individual help for at least a dozen people
Use of multimedia development room by faculty saw marked increase.
Dietetic tech presentation for Sue Appelbaum/ graphics
Access presentation to CD


SERF internet literacy faculty participation
Electronic classroom training for 10 English faculty
Staff development sessions in fall and spring (4 total)
Pagemill training for Access staff- 2 sessions
Photoshop, scanning, websearch MM certification- 12 sessions total (8 Fall, 4 spring)
Training development- developed training for Pagemill, Authorware, scanning and Web search techniques

George Heth Authorware project
T. Mines -filemaker assessment tool
Evaluation rubric for online instruction
ongoing support of radio station
transparencies color laserwriter
Newsnotes template for Jan Vogt

WAC program

Scenario: Volunteered services to help with a new program: Writing Across the curriculum (WAC)

Task: Generate interest, review proposals, choose interventions, Provide instructionla design support for projects

Action:Made presentation to faculty participants on basic instructional design issues. Served on project reveiw selection committee. Partnered with individual SME's to determine level of support required to achieve successful completion of project requirements. Aided in production

Results: WAC had five participants in fall, five new in spring

A. Coehlo- Webboard conferencing
Carole Berger- Irish Studies website expansion
Chaya Gopalan, Rob Brinker, Lovedy Magnagnos, Meg Selig, Dan
R. Unger website
as a result I also developed an new training seminar series: Instruction on the Internet Seminar- June 1-4- developed major website for this and will teach it next week.

New Scenario: ATT grant - this is a grant funded Learning archive to be placed online for English departmental sharied resource. Development will be faculty generated solutions. ID will provide just in time trasining on necessary tools as well as instructional design consultation and hand holding.

Task: individual interviews of each participand to develop individualized treatment plans and determine what common competencies were existant.

Action: This is an ongoing project that will span approximately a year. Initial interviews have occurred. initial presentation of exemplary projects was provided for inspiration and helping the participants envision what is possible.

Results: So far it has been determined that most participants needed training in webpage design and implementationSeveral sessions of Adobe Pagemill training have occurred so far. Training on Pagemill : 9 participants in Foreign lang learning lab.
ATT response form for Nancy Adams completed.

May 1999 Performance Appraisal Comments

Job Performance
Forecasting and Planning-“Well disciplined in pursuit of goals.”
Organization and Administration-“In production areas always organized”
Follow-Up and control-“Maintaining good relations with clients.”
Problem Solving-“seeks out new solutions.”
Relationships with Peers-“Well respected by faculty.”
Goal Orientation-“Manages a demanding load well.”
Training an development of Others-“Anthony’s main job.”
Stimulating Motivation in Others- “Helps raise the level of support campus-wide.”

Personal performance

Initiative- “Very professional in this area.”
Leadership ability-“Seen as a leader in multimedia for the computer.”
Ethics-“Always operates in a moral and ethical manner.”

Tracking with the Magic Chef

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