Course Profile:IS577-5LA


(It is a critical part of the syllabus)


1. Course Title: Internet Literacy Anthony Foster, Instructor

2. Course Number: IS577-5LA, Spring Semester, 2002

3. Credit Hours: 3 ( Meets entirely online)

4. Course Description:

This on-line course, conducted over the Internet with a supplementary CD-ROM, provides an overview of the Internet and instruction in the use of e-mail, mailing lists, UseNet, FTP, discussion groups, telnet, the World Wide Web, and basic home page construction.

5. Course Requirements

Course Prerequisites: Students must have access to an Internet connection including an e-mail account and web space and access to a computer capable of running a CD. You must know the basics of your computer and operating system, as well as how to install software and use a web browser and send and receive e-mail. This is not a computer literacy course. If you have never used e-mail I would not recommend registering for the course.

6. Learning Objectives (goals):


7. Expected Performance Outcomes (measurable):

8. Minimum Course Requirements

The class is self paced in that you may work ahead or take time off and catch up- up to a point. Class assignments are given about three times a week and then you have up to about two weeks to complete them. Milestone deadlines for specific assignments (like joining the listserv) will be clearly posted on the course website subsequently on the course listserv. There is, of course, a final deadline. All work must be turned in by that date. The date for the Spring session is by 12 Midnight on may 16, 2002 central time zone. To reiterate: You must complete a few requirements early on in the course such as subscribing to the class listserv. The assignments are dated so that you can have an idea on where you should be. I post all the assignments at the first of the semester on the course website so you can work ahead, and you can even skip around, but some lessons depend on what you have already done.


Assignment weight





Term Paper




E-mail observation




Listserv /Newsgroup Participation







below 60

Other assignments

5 %

Instructor Contact info: Anthony Foster <>

Voicemail : 314-595-2060. Please leave a message by phone or e-mail if you have a problem or miss getting online for the course in any given week.

All students registered in this class have the option of using the computers in the Campus Computing Center Room in the Library .

Office hours: via the web- I will get back to e-mail queries within 48 hours and usually much more quickly unless I tell you otherwise.

The Course website is at

Instructions for Logging on provided when student submits e-mail address. You must "cash in your ticket" by 12 midnight (Central Time) Sunday, January 27, 2002 or you will be purged from the course! So be sure to contact the instructor with an e-mail address so you can accomplish this!


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