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IS:577 S/P Internet Literacy 3 credits
098 (Florissant Valley) Internet (Online) A. Foster

This on-line course, conducted over the Internet with a supplementary CD-ROM, provides an overview of the Internet and instruction in the use of e-mail, mailing lists, UseNet, FTP, chat, telnet, the World Wide Web, and basic home page construction.


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Topics covered in 39 lessons in the course...

*Defining the Internet (1)
*Web Inventor
*Greeting from the Author
*Interlit Web Site Chapter 1

*How the Internet is Changing the World (2)
*Online Shopping
*Online Newspapers

*Government, Commerce, and

*Education and Scholarship (3)
*Virtual Laboratory
*Interconnected Scholarship
*Interlit Web Site Chapter 2

*Getting Connected (4)
*Internet Service Providers
*Local ISP
*Interlit Web Site Chapter 3

*Surfing the Net (5)

*Going to a URL
*Using a Scroll Bar
*Navigation Buttons
*Default Home Page
*Manipulating URLs

*Advanced Surfing (6)
*More Surfing Techniques
*Sizing Windows
*Bookmark Folders
*Screen Space
*Selected Web Sites

*Internet Etiquette (7)
*Netiquette Guidelines
*Ten Commandments

*Electronic Mail (8)
*E-mail Client
*Configuring an E-mail Client
*Sending E-mail
*Reading E-Mail
*Answering E-mail
*Forwarding Mail

*Advanced E-mail (9)
*E-Mail Folders
*Filing Mail
*Retrieving Mail
*Creating a Generic File Folder
*Creating a Plain Text File
*Creating a Signature File

*Attaching Files to E-mail
*Address Books

*Addressing Mail via an Address
*Mailing Lists
*Finding Things in E-mail
*Filtering Unwanted Mail
*Detecting Fake Mail IDs

*Listserv (10)
*Subscribing to a Listserv
*Responding to a Listserv

*Sending a Message to a
*Sending a Command to a
*Joining the Listserv for This
*Majordomo Instructions

*Usenet Newsgroups (11)

*Configuring Your Newsgroup
*Choosing a Newsgroup
*Reading a Newsgroup
*Responding to a Newsgroup
*Creating a New Topic
*Deleting a Newsgroup Message

*Participating in the Course
Newsgroup(no longer required)

*Communicating in Real Time (12)
*Internet Relay Chat
*Online Chat
*How to Make a NetMeeting Call

*How to Answer a NetMeeting
*CU-SeeMe Videoconferencing
*MUDs, MOOs, and MUSHes

*Telnet (13)

*Configuring a Web Browser for
*Telnetting to the Cleveland
*Other Telnet Sites

*Searching for Information (14)
*Subject Searching
*Full-Text Searching

*Advanced Searching (15)
*Advanced Searching
*Searching for Files
*Searching for People
*More Search Methods
*Search Exercises

*Internet File Types (16)
*Plain Text (ASCII) Files
*HTML Hypertext Files
*GIF Image Files
*JPEG Image Files
*WAV Sound Files
*AU and SND Sound Files
*RA and RAM RealAudio Files
*AIF, AIFF, AIFC Audio Files
*MIDI Synthesizer Files
*AVI Video Files
*QuickTime Video Files
*MPEG Motion Picture Files
*RM Real-time Movie Files
*PDF Portable Document Files
*VRML Virtual Reality Files

*Downloading from the Internet(17)
*Downloading Text
*Downloading Images
*Downloading Audio and Video
*Downloading MIDI Music
*Downloading Software and Data
*Starting a Program

*Bibliographic Style (18)
*APA Style
*MLA Style
*CMS Style
*Sample Term Papers

*Fair Use Law (19)
*Making Fair Use of Multimedia
*Portion Guidelines
*Fair Use Guidelines

*Web Page Creation Strategies(20)
*HTML Editors
*WYSIWYG Editors
*HTML Translators
*Microsoft Word HTML Translator
*WordPerfect HTML Translator
*Active Tools
*Strategies In Action

*Web Page Design (21)
*Web Page Design
*Web Page Elements
*Designing Your resume
*Planning Your Links
*Color Combinations
*Tiled Backgrounds
*Navigational Icons
*Experiencing Frames
*Writing a Hypertext

*How HTML Works (22)
*Understanding Markup
*Taxonomy of HTML Tags
*Versions of HTML

*Creating Your Web Page Resume(23)
*Creating a File Folder

*Running Your Web Page Creation
*Starting a New Web Page

*Creating the Page Title and
*Writing a Heading
*Saving a Web Page
*Previewing a Web Page
*Starting a New Paragraph
*Creating a Bulleted List
*Inserting a Horizontal Rule

*Targets and Links (24)
*Creating a Target
*Linking to a Target

*Creating a Return-to-Contents
*Linking to a URL
*Creating a Mailto Link

*Preparing Images for Web Pages(25)

*Downloading Paint Shop Pro
(for Windows)
*Downloading Graphic Converter
(for Macintosh)
*Converting Images for Web
*Resizing Images
*Resampling Images
*Reducing the Color Depth

*Creating an Interlaced
"Fade-In" GIF

*Putting Images on Web Pages(26)

*Pasting an Image onto a Web
*Tiling an Image onto a Web
*Creating a Transparent GIF
*Which Tile Works Best?

*Advanced Web Page Layout (27)
*Creating a Table
*Captioning a Table
*Changing Table Text Attributes
*Adjusting Table Parameters
*Inserting Images in Tables
*Subdividing Table Cells
*Making a Table Cell Span
*Table Exercises

*Creating a Home Page (28)
*Netscape's Home Page Template

*Microsoft's FrontPage Express
*Cloning a Web Page
*Creating a Custom Home Page

*Making a Local Web (29)
*Linking Your Résumé
*Creating a Return Link

*Publishing Files on the Web(30)

*Publishing a Folder Full of
*Verifying the Publication
*Managing a Web Site (31)
*Installing the FTP Software
*Configuring an FTP Connection
*How to FTP Files to the Web

*Deleting and Renaming Web
*Creating a New Web Site Folder

*Setting Permission Attributes
on Unix
*Changing Permission Attributes
with Fetch
*Promoting Your Web Site
*Home Page and Résumé

*Multimedia and the Web (32)

*Inspecting the Helper App
*Installing the Shockwave
*Favorite Shockwave Feature

*Waveform Audio Recording (33)

*Selecting the Record Sound
*Waveform Audio Recording
*Waveform Audio Editing
*Linking a Sound to a Trigger
*Embedding Audio On a Web Page
*Audio On Your Home Page

*Societal Issues (34)

*Equity, Cost, and Universal Access
*Term Paper

*Rights and Decency (35)
*Pornography and Obscenity
*Prejudice and Hatred
*Chat Room Decency
*Fair Use

*Emerging Technology:Infrastructure (36)
*Improving the Infrastructure
*Real-Time Communications
*Artificial Intelligence

*Emerging Technology: Delivery(37)
*Digital Television and Video
*Push Technologies
*Personal Digital Assistants

*How to Keep Up (38)
*Periodicals and Web Sites
*Keeping Up

*Finale (39)
*Catching Up
*The End Is the Beginning


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