Kathleen Holzhueter

Thank you for visiting my Home Page. As you can see, I like butterflies.

I am creating this web page as part of an Internet Literacy course requirement.

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Biographical Information

I grew up on a lake in northern Wisconsin and try to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible with my family.

My career as a Speech-Language Pathologist has spanned 20 years. Most of my service delivery has been working with the Early Childhood population. Currently, I service mildly to profoundly delayed three to five year-olds at Parkway Early Childhood Center in Ballwin, Missouri.

I have a husband who enjoys raquetball, a son who is learning to drive and involved in track, and a daughter who enjoys volleyball and swimming.

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Personal Interests

I enjoy coaching my daughter's volleyball team as well as playing volleyball.

I enjoy the lake/ocean, outdoors, fishing, camping, boating, waterskiing, watching birds at our feeders.

Gardening has always been a hobby. There's nothing like fresh vegies and fruit. I'm working on increasing my green thumb abilities with flowers and shrubs to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Genealogy has been a recent endeavor. With the help of my mother, info from my uncle, answered internet queries, distant new relatives, I have successfully made a DAR connection. I am/We are continuing to explore new lineage.

I also enjoy singing and arts & crafts.

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How to Contact Me

E-mail me at kholz@msn.com

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About this Internet Literacy Course

I decided to take some courses this summer when I was not teaching. I began looking for a class in college brochures to help increase my computer knowledge. None of the class schedules were working out due to conflicts with my children's commitments, my other two class schedules, vacations.

A co-worker suggested video courses, internet courses... So, I got on the computer and began to browse for any courses that could be taken over the internet. This Internet Literacy course popped out at me!

It was a self-paced class to take right from my home. You could register on-line (deadline) or by phone. The required book and CD could be ordered and delivered also. I never had to drive to the St. Louis Community College where the professor had the book and CD.

I felt this was the class for me to fit in with my summer schedule, my baseline computer knowledge, and my computer met class criterion

This course is outlined in detail with book and CD tutorial, very explicit, and follows a sequence which you learn and build skills to eventually publish a web page.

Communication is available by phone, but preferred by computer listserv and e-mail.

Although some of the information is already outdated in two years' time from the 1998 copyright, it just goes to show how fast technology changes, and how important it is to be educated and keep up with emerging technology in our society.

If your computer is working without glitches, all goes well. If you run into glitches, it can be a nightmare, you get to know support technicians well, but, you do get to learn even more than you ever wanted to know about your computer and troubleshooting.

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