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Frequently there are problems when navigating with the Browser's navigation buttons. What can I do to avoid that?
It is strongly recommended that you use the navigation paths and "OK" button provided by Blackboard and not your browser's navigation buttons - and encourage your students to do the same.

The above navigation path, also known as a "breadcrumb trail", provides a hyperlinked trail back to individual components of your course. In the example, the path indicates your current location and provides you with direct navigation to the control panel, your course, or the course list page.

Blackboard's "OK" navigation button looks like this and is located towards the bottom right corner of a page. It's typically provided as a way to go back to a previous page and as a way to confirm a content receipt (e.g., after you've uploaded a document).

Using Blackboard's navigation is especially important when creating and taking online assessments and updating the Online Gradebook. All the material is generated by a database and by using the browser's navigation button you stand to lose important data that you have just entered.

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