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Sharing Files -  Using the Digital Dropbox 


How do I send and receive files using the Digital Dropbox? 
The instructor dropbox is accessible to all course instructors. This dropbox area has two functions: as a repository for files, and as a mechanism to submit (send) files to students of the course.

To receive files submitted (sent) from students:
1) Enter the Dropbox area from the Control Panel > Digital Dropbox
2) Any files submitted by students will be listed with date and sender information displayed.
3) To view the contents of a file, click on the title of the item. The file will be opened in the appropriate manner based on the file type.  (i.e. if it is a MS Word file, you will be given the option to save the file locally or open it immediately using Word).

Instructors may also send files - you can either Click "Add a File" if you wish to store the file in your course before sending it, or "Send a File" if you wish to send the file directly or send one of your stored files.  

To Add a File:  
NOTE: The Add File feature DOES NOT send the file, it just allows the user to upload a file to their personal dropbox area.
1) Click on Control Panel > Digital Dropbox > Add File
2) You can add a title to the file to be added in the tile text box. 
3) Click Browse and select the file
4) Click Send
5) Your file will appear in the Digital Dropbox files list

To Send a File:
1) Enter the Dropbox area from the Control Panel > Digital Dropbox
2) Click on the Send File button
3) Choose the students to whom the file will be sent. (The Shift/Control keys can be used to choose multiple students.)
4) Enter the information requested and use the Browse button to locate the file to be sent. Click on the Submit button.
5) A receipt message will be displayed indicating that the file has been sent. Click on OK to proceed.
6) The Digital Dropbox screen will be displayed indicating the sender, date and time submitted and any comments.
7) The Remove button can be used to remove any old files submitted by students or sent to students.


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