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Can I modify a quiz?
Once an assessment is made available, you cannot modify it -- so be sure to proof the assessment thoroughly before making it available.

Making an assessment unavailable will delete student scores associated with the assessment -- use these options instead:

  • use the date restriction feature (Set Availability) when making it available
  • password protect the assessment when you no longer want students taking it
  • remove the link to the assessment from the Blackboard area  

To modify an unavailable quiz, click on the Assessment Manager under Assessment in the Control Panel, then click the Modify button next to the quiz.

Is Blackboard capable of setting the timeframe during which a quiz will be available?
Yes. When setting the availability of a quiz, you have the option of setting a start date and time and an end date and time.

Timed quizzes using the date restriction behave in the following way: 

  • Browser displays a "countdown" and a one-minute warning appears, but there is no signal to the user when the time limit expires. Timing feature does not prevent students from submitting a quiz past the allotted time -- they are able to continue the quiz beyond the limit with the following results: a red exclamation point will appear in the grade-book for that item -- instructor may adjust the score by going into the student's assessment (by clicking on the exclamation point) and resubmitting it.
  • A message will appear at the top of the completed quiz noting the amount of time by which the student exceeded the limit.

A student was interrupted while taking an online quiz. What caused this and how can I give the student access to finish the quiz?
A student's attempt at an online quiz may be interrupted due to resizing the browser window or using the browser’s back button. Sometimes, the server may time out if the student is using a modem connection to access the quiz.

When a quiz is interrupted, a red exclamation point will appear in the grade-book for that item. The following message will appear at the top of the student's quiz: You can give the student access by clicking the Clear Attempt button.

Can I import existing quizzes that I created not using Blackboard?
No. However, you can copy and paste questions from an existing quiz.

On a survey, an instructor might want the answers to be anonymous, while at the same time knowing which students actually took the survey. Is there a way to do this?
Yes, that's exactly how survey results are displayed - anonymously while still listing students who have submitted a survey (but without associating them to their responses).

Why are student answers marked wrong on "Fill in the Blank" type questions when they appear to be right?
A student could enter a correct response that is marked wrong because of: spelling errors, additional spaces, or answers that aren't an exact match to correct responses that were entered when creating the quiz.

My student reported that this message appeared when he submitted a quiz: "Note: One or more ungraded questions were found. Your total score does not include these points." What does this mean?
Mixing short answer/essay questions with other question types will initially return an incomplete score since short answer/essay questions require grading by the instructor.

Why do the Quizzes break when I use the browser's "back" button?
The online quiz pages are generated by a database and by using the browser's “back” button you will lose what you have just entered. Always use the navigation buttons provided by Blackboard and not your browser's.

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