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How do I send email to my students from within Blackboard?
Students must put their email address into Blackboard to receive emails sent through Blackboard.  Students can change their email information by clicking on My SLCC, then click on Personal Information and finally Edit Personal Information.
For Instructors to send and email to students then can:
1) Click on Control Panel
2) Click on "Send email"
3) Click on the type of recipients to receive your email (All Users, Single Users, etc.) 
4) Add your subject and message
5) Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page
Note:  Blackboard forwards emails, but does not have it's own email system.  When you send an email using Blackboard, users will receive it in their own personal email inbox.  

How do I start an online (threaded) discussion for my students to respond to?
1) Click on Control Panel - Discussion Board - then the "Add Forum" button.  Add a description of your Forum, which is an "area" where threaded Discussions can take place. 
2) Go back to your course Main Page. 
3) Enter the "Discussion Board" by clicking the "Communication" button on the left side of the screen and then selecting the "Discussion Board" link on the page.
4) Enter the forum you wish to participate in by clicking the link on the page.
5) Click the "Add New Thread" button.
6) In the "Subject" box type a brief subject what you are going to say.
7) In the "Message" box type your message.
8) Select from the options given: 
- Allow anonymous posts.
  - Allow author to edit message after posting. 
  - Allow author to remove own messages. 
  - Allow file attachments. 
  - Allow new messages.
9) Click the "Submit" button on the bottom right of the page.

How do I use the Chat (Virtual Classroom) feature on Blackboard?
The Virtual Classroom allows real time communication with any student who is simultaneously using the Virtual Classroom tool in Blackboard.  You can enter the Virtual Classroom through the Communication link in your course.  Once in the Virtual classroom you can key in messages, draw graphics, and display websites which appear immediately to students who have also initiated the Virtual Classroom on their computers.  For more information, download the Blackboard 5.5 instructor
manual (PDF Format). 

Questions/Comments to Blackboard Coordinators

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