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What kind of information should I put in the Course Information area?

As a rule, Course Information is the documents and information that remain constant throughout the semester (e.g. syllabi, policies, textbook information, calendars, etc.).

How do I get my syllabus on Blackboard?

If you have created your syllabus using a word processing program or an html editor, you can easily add your syllabus to Blackboard.  To make your syllabus accessible for all students, regardless of what computer platform or programs they are using, you should either save it as an .RTF file (rich text format), .PDF (portable document format), or as a web page (.HTM or .HTML).

Within the course you want to add a syllabus:

1) Click on the control panel.

2) Under Content Areas click on Course Information.

3) Click on Add Item.

4) Use the default Syllabus name (or specify your own name)

5) Under Content Attachments, click on Browse to find your syllabus and open the file.

6) Give the file a name and choose the action for the file (create a link to this file, display media file within the page, or unpackage this file).

7) Under Options, be sure that the content is visible by choosing “Yes”.  You may also choose to track the number of views and set the dates of availability for your syllabus.

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