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How do I create a link to another document or site on the web, and can I link to another section of my Blackboard course?
You can easily link to another site on the web or upload a document, but you cannot link to another section of your Blackboard course. Check your online manual for instructions for adding a document. You may also view the online manual as a PDF document.

Will the course be saved for next semester/year?
Your course will remain on the server unless you ask for it to be deleted.

Once I create my course, can it be copied for the next semester?
Yes. If you teach the same course over and over, you can copy the contents of the original course to a new semester and then modify it as needed. To copy your course, fill out this
online form and submit it to your Blackboard coordinator.

How do I delete my old courses in Blackboard?
Complete the online form and send it to your Blackboard coordinator. Please note that deleting a course is an irreversible action. To archive your course before deleting, see " How do I archive a course for future use"? below.

How do I archive a course for future use?
Archiving simply means keeping a copy of your course on your hard drive. It is a good idea to archive your course before deleting it. See procedure for archiving a course.

Questions/Comments to Blackboard Coordinators

Florissant Valley: jbone@stlcc.edu

Forest Park: lelliott@stlcc.edu

Meramec: jpande@stlcc.edu

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