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Can I add grades for assessments other than tests/quizzes (i.e. homework, in-class presentations, etc.)?
Yes, you may add grades to your gradebook by creating a new entry from the spreadsheet view of the gradebook.

How to add grades in the Online Gradebook:
1) From the Control Panel, select Online Gradebook under Assessment.
2) Click on Spreadsheet View.
3) Click on Add Item.
4) Give the added item a Name, select the Type of assessment, and assign the points possible.
5) Choose to make the items visible to the users now by selecting “yes” or choose “no” to be visible later and click Submit.
6) Click the OK button to return to the Spreadsheet View.  Note that changes may not appear until you set filtering options to 'Show All'.
7) Go back into your Online Gradebook and choose Report By Item.
8) Locate the item to assign a grade to by typing in the Item Name or choosing to List All and click on Grades.
9) Scroll down to add individual student grades then click Submit.

Can I export my online gradebook in Excel?
Yes, by following these simple instructions.
1) From the Control Panel, select Online Gradebook under Assessment.
2) Click Export Gradebook.
3) Follow the viewing/saving instructions that appear on the next page. A pop-up window will appear prompting you for a location to save your file. Save the file to an appropriate location. When saving your file, the default filename is gradebook.csv.
4) Open the file in Excel.

Note:  You cannot import an Excel file back into Blackboard, so do not make changes in Excel if you intend to have the changes reflected in the Online Gradebook in Blackboard.

Why are the weighted percentages different after I exported my gradebook from Blackboard into Excel?
Excel does not currently support the weighted percentages feature found in Blackboard.  You can manually change your percentages in Excel to reflect the weighted grade.

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