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How do I create Groups in my Blackboard course?
Groups can be used to allow students who are working on group projects to communicate and work together.
Please follow the instructions below to create Groups in your Blackboard course:

1)  Go to the Control Panel for your Blackboard course
2)  Click on "Manage Groups" under the heading "User Management"
3)  Click on the "Add Group" button
4)  Enter the group name, description and group options.  
Click "Submit" to create the group.
5)  Click "OK"
6)  Click on "Modify" next to the group you just created.
7)  Click on "Add Users to Group"
8)  Click on the "List All" tab
9)  Click on the "List All" button
10)  Check the box next to the students' names that you would like to 
add to the group.  Click "Submit" to add them to the group.

What are the Groups able to do in Blackboard?

Individual group members will be able to send email, use their own discussion board, conduct a virtual classroom (chat), and use the digital dropbox amon their own group members. These options can be set by going to control panel > manage groups > group properties.


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