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- Troubleshooting Blackboard
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The FAQ's are divided into three sections:

·         Logging-in to Bb    

·         Using Bb 

·         Troubleshooting

I'm registered for a course that uses Bb, but I am not able to login.  WhatÌs wrong?
In order to login to Bb successfully, the following things must happen:

  • You must be registered for a course that uses Bb.
  • You must type in your correct Bb username and password, which is the same as your Banner  UserID and PIN.  See instructions.
  • You must be connected to the correct Bb server.  See instructions below.
  • You must be using a recommended web browser.  See instructions below.

How do I connect to the Blackboard server?
The correct address for the Bb server is https://blackboard.stlcc.edu

What web browser would you recommend I use to connect to Blackboard?
Minimally, you should use Internet Explorer 4.x (or later) or Netscape Navigator 4.x (or later), with Java, Javascript, and cookies enabled. Only IE and Navigator are supported for use with Blackboard.

If you are an AOL subscriber and use the AOL client software, we strongly encourage you to use IE or Navigator instead of the AOL web browser, which has been known to cause difficulties in communicating with Bb.  For more information on how to use AOL with Blackboard, visit: http://www.stlcc.edu/distance/blackboard/text/aol_browser.html.

I can’t connect to the Bb server.  What’s wrong?
If you attempt to connect your web browser to Bb and you receive a message stating site unknown, cannot find server, unable to locate the server or something similar, there are a few things you can check before reporting a problem:

  • You may have mistyped the address.  Try retyping it.  The correct address is https://blackboard.stlcc.edu
  • If you are connecting from off-campus (such as at home), there may be a network problem between you and the Bb server.
  • If you are able to log in to and view another site on the college's server, then the Bb server may be temporarily unavailable. Try dialing again later or contact the help desk at (314) 539-5458 and report the problem.
  • If you are using an ISP (Internet Service Provider) such as AOL, or Charter Communications, try accessing another site such as http://www.pbs.org/, if you can't access this site, then the problem is with your ISP and you may need to contact them for help.

When I attempt to connect to Bb, I get a message stating “Browser Cookies Disabled”.  What should I do?
"Cookies" are special files that Bb places on your computer to keep track of your current session after you login, and they are crucial to the proper operation of Bb. Please follow the instruction for enabling cookies in your browser at http://www.stlcc.edu/mc/services/cstl/student/browser.htm

When I click on the Link to File, I don't get anything?
Two things could be happening. First, your connection may have bumped you off, especially if you spent some time reading content from the site--the ISP sometimes thinks you are not doing anything and then disconnects you. Second, the BB (Blackboard) server may be bogged down. During high use times such as M-F
10:00-2:00, many people are using the server.

When I do access the site, I don't get the entire document, I must scroll horizontally to read everything. What is up with that?
This is a Windows/Mac question rather than a Blackboard one. Although we can't tell you what to do specifically because we don't know what version of Windows/Mac OS is running, go to the settings/display options of Windows or the control panels/monitor options for the Mac. Set the monitor to a screen resolution where you can read the site in its entirety. This may take some playing around, but you should be able to set the resolution to suit your monitor and the Web site.

I was in the middle of taking a quiz and was bumped off by my ISP. What can I do now?
If you have attempted the quiz but either ran out of time or you were bumped off, you may not be able to complete the exam right away. Contact your instructor right away to reset your attempt.

Why is it taking so long for the site to come up?
This depends on a number of things, but is probably related to your ISP server speed. Your instructor could also have a number of unusually large images and sound which will increase the download time. Additionally, during peak SLCC times the server may be slow.

What is the difference between e-mail and the discussion board? When I respond to students in the discussion board do they get an e-mail?
E-mail and the discussion board are two separate things. The main difference is that you do not need e-mail to use the discussion board. When you click on discussion board you are able to read comments posted by students responding to other students. When you reply to someone, your reply becomes posted on the discussion board for everyone to read. It is like reading conversations between students. For more information on e-mail, go to "How does e-mail work in Blackboard"?

How do you know when I submitted my assignment, and if I submitted it on time?
Instructors are able to view many things when you have logged in to Blackboard. If you submit assignments through the Digital Dropbox or as an email attachment, the instructor will be able to see the date and time of your submission. Likewise, if your assignment was to post on the Discussion Board, the instructor will also be able to see that because Blackboard logs the date and time of all submissions. When you access your online gradebook, you will be able to see the date and time your assignments were submitted.

Can the instructor tell how many times I access the site?
Yes, instructors are able to view the course statistics of individual users.

Where can I learn more about the features in Bb?
You can find full documentation on Bb in the online Blackboard Student Manual.

Questions/Comments to Blackboard Coordinators

·        Florissant Valley (Jim Bone) jbone@stlcc.edu)

·        Forest Park (Lauren Elliott) lelliott@stlcc.edu)

·        Meramec (Jyoti Pande) jpande@stlcc.edu)

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