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St. Louis Community College: Blackboard - How to Archive a Course

Blackboard: Archiving Courses

There are two ways to archive your course, to archive the course on your own computer, do the following:

  1. Log in to enter your course.
  2. Click on Control Panel
  3. Click on Course Utilities
  4. Click on Archive Course
  5. Choose the areas you wish to have archived by selecting the check boxes
  6. For Package Format, choose Blackboard 5.5.
  7. Submit
  8. At the next page you will receive a message to click the word "here" to download your file.
  9. You will likely be prompted to save your file to a certain location on your computer. Make sure you remember where you saved your file.
  10. Your course is now archived, but may only be reinstated by a Blackboard Administrator. Contact your local campus representative if you would like this done. The email addresses are below.

Florissant Valley (Jim Bone)
Forest Park (Lauren Baker)
Meramec (Jyoti Pande)

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