Error processing SSI file
for Formatting Faculty Users and Adding Courses
This information is provided for campus Blackboard Campus Coordinators.
    1. Create Courses: Format
      • "_WEB504rtracy04" would be a non-credit course taught by rtracy at Forest Park (FV=05 and MC=06)
      • "PHY504003rtracy04" would be a credit course taught by rtracy at Forest Park (FV=05 and MC=06). Putting the section number "003" is optional and should only be used if the instructor wants in Blackboard different sections of the same course. This can cause a problem for succeeding semesters because, instead of simply deleting students or recycling parts of the course, it now may be necessary to copy each of the sections to new numbers.

    2. Batch Create Faculty User: Format
      • For Albert Einstein, use aeinstein (or whatever the Outlook alias is) for the User name/ID.
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