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for faculty to Batch Add Student Users/Populate Courses
To add students/populate courses. This information is provided for faculty to send batch files through BlackBoard. For more information contact your campus Blackboard coordinator (Jim Bone (FV), Lauren Baker or Jyoti Pande (MC)). Note: If saving your batch file, be sure to use .txt.

To add a batch of students, go to:

  1. Control Panel
  2. Site Management
  3. Course Utilities

after you have created a batch (in a text or word editing program like Microsoft Word) as in bold below:


You might find it better to use "@yourname" as their e-mail...because if they have previously taken a Blackboard course, it will be easier to locate the existing user. Just doing "@" will give a very long list of all students with that default e-mail.

The batch add/enroll utility allows you to add multiple users to the course. In order for the batch add/enroll to work, the file should be in the following format, with each entry delimited (separated) by either a tab. (And "tab" needs to be checked in the Course Utilities control panel.)


Important Note: If email is not known, enter "@"

ALL fields are required!

The default password for all accounts generated is the word "password."
Your students will need to log in and change it.

It is important to save your file as a text (.txt) file. WordPerfect files probably automatically save as .wpr files and other word processing programs have other extensions (Microsoft Word uses .doc).

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