How to FTP using WS_FTP

1. Open WS_FTP or WS_FTPLe

2. Key the following into their prospective boxes

3. Now click on "OK".

4.You will be connected to the internet server - you will see a number of directory folders as in the image

4. Navigate through the folders by clicking on the respective folder or using the green up arrow to move up in the directory structure.

5. Double-click on the "fvdocs" folder to open it.

6. If you are working on your deparment's folder, then go to the deparment's name folder.
If you are working on your individual folder, next double-click on the "users" folder. Navigate to the folder with your first name initial then last name, for example "jsmith" for John Smith.

8. If you are John Smith, and your site is in the users directory, the url of your site will be:

For deparment sites it would be:

9. To upload or transfer files to the internet server from your computer viewing on the internet, highlight the file on the left by single clicking on it, then click the Right arrow, or just double-click the file to transfer. Make sure you are in the correct directory on the server when you upload.

To download or transfer files from the internet server to your computer, highlight the file on the right and click the left arrow, or double click the file to be transferred. Make sure you are in the correct directory on your computer when you download.