Welcome to Blackboard
Getting Started with Your Blackboard Course

Accessing Blackboard
 To log on to your course, go to the following URL:  https://blackboard.stlcc.edu
Click on the “log in” option.  A “log in” screen will appear.

Accessing Blackboard
Type in your username and password
Username is your SSN without dashes
Password is the word password
You should change your password as soon as you log in.

Accessing Your Course, continued
Click on the name of the course you wish to access.
The course announcements screen will appear.

I am in, Now What?
On the left side you should see links to access various parts of the course. Announcements area contains updates and class announcements.
Look for a syllabus or course schedule in the Course Information area and assignments may be posted in the assignments area of Blackboard.

Send an email to your Instructor
Many instructors require that you send them an email as soon as you log in to the course. This ensures that you have a valid email address for further communication and also lets the instructor know that you were able to access Blackboard successfully

To Send an Email
Click on communication”
button,then click on “send email” and
  then select “all

Changing your Password
Click on student tools and then “change password”
Click on “change your personal information”
to update your email address

Accessing the Discussion Board
Click on “Communication” button (link).
 The Communications Center page will appear.

Accessing the Discussion Board,  continued
Click on the “Discussion Board” icon.
The Discussion Board screen will appear.

Using the Discussion Board
The Discussion Board is set up in “Forums” (topics) of discussion.
Click on the Forum you want to enter.
The Discussion Board Forum page will appear.

Entering a Thread
The page  may contain several threads (conversations).
Click on the thread you want to discuss.
The Discussion Board Thread page will appear.

Participating in the Discussion - Reading
Read the messages that have been posted
Click on REPLY button on right side of screen.
The Response page will appear.

Participating in the Discussion -Responding
Type your response in the MESSAGE text box.
Click on SUBMIT button on lower right side of screen.  You may have to scroll down the page to find the SUBMIT  button
The Discussion Board page will reappear.  Your response will be highlighted.