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What is Blackboard?
Blackboard is a web based tool that allows instructors to put course materials online for easy access from anywhere. It could be used for asynchronous online courses or as an enhancement for on campus courses. The communication tools in Blackboard allow you to extend classroom discussions beyond the classroom, send email or maintain virtual office hours.

What is the URL or web address to access Blackboard?
The web address is http://blackboard.stlcc.edu

What is my Blackboard username and password and do I have a separate account for each course?
If you are a current SLCC instructor and assigned to a class with a valid CRN, you may access Blackboard using your BannerWeb login information.To access your BannerWeb information, go to http://www.stlcc.edu/sct-erp/facultyweb.html and follow the login instructions provided.Your initial BannerWeb User ID is your nine-digit Social Security Number (no dashes), or a number assigned by the College. Your PIN is a six-digit Personal Identification Number. For your information, your Blackboard Username is the same as your BannerWeb User ID.Likewise, your Blackboard Password is the same as your BannerWeb PIN.

How do I change my password/PIN?
You will not be able to change your login information in Blackboard.All changes must be made in BannerWeb and will take effect the next day.

How do I get a new Blackboard course site?
All SLCC courses with a CRN will be generated automatically.To request a non-CRN course, just complete the online form at http://www.stlcc.edu/distance/blackboard/forms/application.html and submit it to your campus Blackboard coordinator. Your course will be created and you will be notified by email.

How do I make sure my students can enroll and access my courses?
In order for students to access your course, they must be currently registered for your class. They will access your class using their BannerWeb UserID and PIN.

Why can't students see my class?
1) Initially, your course may be set to žunavailableÓ and you will need to make it žavailableÓ. The Course Availability page is used to control access to your course. All courses are set to unavailable by default.

To make your course available to students:
From your Course Website, click on Control Panel.
Choose Course Settings, then Course Availability.
Choose yes.
Click submit.

2) Your student may not be currently registered. You may see if the student is enrolled by going to BannerWeb to access your class list.If a student enrolled today, their information will not be in Blackboard until the next day.  The same waiting period applies to withdrawals and other changes in student information (updating email, reset passwords/PINs, addresses, etc.)

How do I enroll students in my course?
You no longer have the ability to enroll students in Blackboard.Contact your campus Blackboard Coordinator for instances in which you want to enroll students not registered for your class.

Is it possible to give someone outside of St. Louis Community College access to my Blackboard course?
Yes, you can either enable guest access to your course. If you would like to add someone who is not officially enrolled in your course, or create an account for an external user (say a guest speaker or colleague at another institution), contact your Blackboard Coordinator.

Questions/Comments to Blackboard Coordinators:

Ô Florissant Valley: afoster@stlcc.edu

Ô Forest Park: lelliott@stlcc.edu

Ô Meramec: jpande@stlcc.edu

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