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To:  Full and Part Time Faculty

From: Blackboard Coordinators

Date: 11/26/01

Re: Purging of Non-Standard Student User Names in Blackboard Courses for Spring 2002 Semester

In the Fall of 2001, the District migrated to version 5.5 of Blackboard, the SLCC platform for Web-based course development.  While Blackboard has continued to work well and continues to involve more and more sections of courseware, there have been consistent problems with students enrolled without the conventional ID established by the College.  This has resulted in confusion for students and faculty.  As systems integration and developments in Banner continue, it is imperative that students enrolled in Blackboard courses are all enrolled the same way.

The convention to use for a student ID when enrolling a student is: 

Student ID: 9 digit Student ID without dashes

Student User-Name: 9 digit Student ID without dashes

Password: The word “password”

Examples of IDs not using the convention would be  “jlsmith”, “jl4567”,  numeric student IDs with less than 9 digits (“12345678”), and those IDs with dashes (“123-45-6789”).

In order that academic support for Web-based courseware remains at its highest quality, all non-standard student IDs will be purged beginning Friday, January 11, 2002

There are a very few exceptions. Students that are enrolled with an “@” in their username (user ID) will not be deleted.

Any grades and assessments associated with unconventional ID’s will be deleted as well. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you save a hard copy and/or an electronic copy of your final grades and any other assessments from the Fall 2001 semester.  Again, this must be completed before Friday, January 11, 2002.

Please follow the following convention for properly enrolling your students in all Blackboard courses.

Student ID: 9 digit Student ID without dashes

Student User Name: 9 digit Student ID without dashes

Password: The word “password”. Students should be instructed to change their password to their own choice as soon as possible. You can see an example of this format on the College’s web site at

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Please feel free to contact the campus Blackboard Coordinators Lauren Baker – FP (ext. 9207 ), Jim Bone – FV (ext. 4502) and Jodie Pande, MC (ext. 7075).