Enhancing Instruction with Technology

Spring 2003-Programs


Center for Support of Teaching and Learning, Meramec

This spring semester, the college has achieved yet another milestone by adopting the Blackboard 5.6 Learning System, Enterprise Edition. This will bring to fruition the much-awaited integration with our Banner system. Courses and users will be automatically populated from Banner to Blackboard. The Blackboard programs in this brochure will be based on this new product.

The variety of programs in this brochure will get you started if you are a novice and also give you some advanced tools if you are an experienced user.


To register call Jan Petorak, ext. 7381.
For questions call Jodie Pande, ext. 7075


All classes will be held in CN 127 and have a maximum limit of eight participants except the workshop ìUsing a Digital Camera ìwhich will be held in the Confluence Room.



Blackboard Training

Blackboard 5.6 Learning Systems

If you have been thinking about incorporating the vast teaching resources of the World Wide Web into your course, Blackboard is the ideal tool at your disposal.

Prerequisites: computer and Internet literacy, word processing skills. Blackboard or previous web design experience would be helpful. Bring your course documents (syllabus, assignments, tests and quizzes) saved on a 3.5" disk formatted for a PC. Save your files as Word files or as text files.

Getting Started In Blackboard 5.6
In this introductory session, create a basic web site for your course and learn about the many capabilities of Blackboard. Topics include managing announcements, uploading a syllabus, entering your staff profile, and adding links to other web sites.

Repeated sessions.

Thu                  1/16                 9-11 am                       CN127

Thu                  1/16                 1:30-3:30 pm   CN127

Fri                   1/17                 10-12 pm                     CN127
Wed                 2/5                   2-4 pm             CN127

Tue                  4/22                 2-4 pm             CN127

Presenter: Jodie Pande

Blackboard Intermediate
This session is designed for participants who have some familiarity with Blackboard but are new to building content in Blackboard courses. Topics include creating folders, adding content, attaching files, embedding images, and incorporating offline content into Blackboard.

Mon                 1/27                 9-11 am                       CN127

Thu                  1/30                 2-4 pm             CN127
Presenter: Jodie Pande


Blackboard Advanced

In this session, we will take a closer look at course organization and navigation to make your course materials accessible and student friendly.

Additional topics include working with packaged files, creating PowerPoint presentations and using basic HTML.

Wed                 2/12                 8:30-10:30 am CN127

Thu                  2/20                 2-4 pm             CN127
Presenter: Jodie Pande


Helping Students Get the Most Out of Blackboard

In this session, faculty will learn how to troubleshoot common questions from students about accessing Blackboard, changing user information in Banner, sending e-mail, using the digital drop box, participating in the discussion board and much more to avoid frustration and improve the learning experience. An introduction to helpful on-line resources for students on the collegeís site will be included.

Tue                  1/14                 11-12 pm                     CN127

Fri                   1/17                 1:30-2:30pm    CN127

Thu                  3/6                   3-4 pm             CN127

Presenter: Jodie Pande


Creating On-Line Tests and Quizzes (Blackboard)
Work with the "Assessment Manager" tool within Blackboard to create quizzes, exams, and surveys. Results can be graded and logged in the on-line

grade book.

Wed                 1/22                 9-11 am                      CN127

Tue                  3/25                 2-4 pm                        CN127

Presenter: Jodie Pande


Working with Media (Blackboard)
Learn to manipulate simple images, logos and photographs for insertion on your course site. See examples of work done by faculty colleagues.

Tue                 2/4                   2-4 pm CN127

Thu                 2/20                 9-11 am           CN127

Presenter: Linda Inman


Using the Communication tools in Blackboard
Learn to set up e-mail for individual and group communication, a calendar to view class events, and a discussion board for on-line dialogue with your students.

Tue                  2/25                 2-4 pm             CN127
Mon                 3/10                 9-11am                        CN127

Presenter: Jodie Pande

Using the Virtual Chat feature in Blackboard

The virtual chat room allows the instructor and students to participate in real time lessons, and small group work, and view archives of classroom discussions. In this session, explore the many possibilities of using this feature, particularly for on-line classes.

Thu                  3/27                 1-3 pm CN127

Fri                   4/4                   9-11am            CN127

Presenter: Jodie Pande


Blackboard Working Session: Course Site Architecture
In this session we help you create a master plan for your course web site to achieve the core objectives of your class. Weave course notes, text, Internet resources and electronic communication with students to create a self-contained package of materials.

Fri                   1/31                 9-12 pm           CN127

Fri                   2/21                 1-4 pm CN127

Presenter: Jodie Pande


Using MS Word for Grading Papers (Blackboard) New
This session will show you how to collect and return papers electronically through the Blackboard Drop Box and to use MS Word features for tracking changes and making comments on student writing.

Wed                 2/19                             9-11 am                       CN127

Presenter: Jodie Pande


Working with PowerPoint Files in Blackboard New
Often large multimedia PowerPoint files are a challenge to save and make available in your Blackboard site. In this session learn to use special software to compress files and save them as web pages. Files can be accessed from anywhere without plug-ins or viewers.

Wed                 2/26                             1-3 pm             CN127

Presenter: Jodie Pande


Cool Tools Of the Trade: Technology Sessions


Note: Classes are subject to cancellation for insufficient enrollment.


Introduction to Microsoft Word
This session is designed to offer a basic overview of MS Word. Topics covered will be toolbars, dialog boxes, creating and saving documents, formatting text, adjusting margins, inserting page numbers and much more.

Mon                                         2/10                             9-11 am                       CN127

Presenter: CBIL


Advanced Microsoft Word
In this workshop, learn to work with tables and columns, create a template, and work with bullets and numbering. Fun with Word Art will be included if time permits.

Fri                               2/28                             1-3 pm             CN127

Presenter: CBIL

How Do You Do That in ìWordî?

This session will address the common questions and puzzling features in MS Word. Bring your questions or send them to us ahead of time. A demonstration of some cool features will be included. This session is designed for those with some experience using Word.

Thu                  2/13                             1-3 pm             CN127

Fri                   3/14                             9-11 am                       CN127

Presenter: CBIL


Introduction to MS Access

The MS Access program can be invaluable for storing and organizing student lists, addresses, payment histories and inventories, to name just a few examples.

In this session learn to design and create a database with Access. Learn how to create data base tables with accuracy. Learn as well how to sort, filter and query a database to generate a report.

Thu                 1/23                             10-12 pm                     CN127

Tue                 3/25                            12-2 pm                       CN127                       

Presenter: CBIL

Using a Digital Camera
In this introductory workshop, learn simple techniques to use your digital camera for best results in print and for web images. A Sony Mavica camera will be used for demonstration. Bring your camera and questions to this fun workshop.

Tue                  3/18                             11:30- 1 pm     Confluence Room
Fri                   4/25                             11:30- 1 pm     Confluence Room

Presenter: Darlene McGee


Using ìScreen Shotsî to Enhance Instruction New

In this session you will learn how to use a screen capture program to create exact digital images of any window from any desktop program. See how you can use these images to make your point as well as how to insert them into a Word document or in your Blackboard site.
Fri                   2/7                               12-1 pm                       CN127
Fri                   3/14                             1-2 pm             CN127

Presenter: Jodie Pande



PowerPoint Basics
Create a well-designed lecture with "bells and whistles," with PowerPoint. Learn tools and techniques to create a set of slides with graphics and transition effects.

Fri                               3/21                             10-12 pm                     CN127

Presenter: Jodie Pande


PowerPoint Intermediate

Learn to enhance lectures with advanced interactive features of PowerPoint-include charts, graphics and other objects for a professional look.

Fri                               3/28                             1-3 pm             CN127

Presenter: Jodie Pande

Working with Image Files in PowerPoint

This session is for experienced users of PowerPoint who wish to work with the drawing and picture options or their own image files. Participants will have the opportunity to practice with image formatting, animation, slide layouts and the Master slide. This session will be of particular interest to faculty using image files for presentation of course materials.

Mon                 3/31                            9-11 am                       CN127
Thu                  4/17                            2-4 pm                        CN127

Presenter: Linda Inman


Working with Audio and Video in PowerPoint

Learn how to record a narration for your PowerPoint presentation or play music and sounds that capture the viewer's attention. Video media will be discussed and demonstrated. Topics covered: sound and video file formats, inserting sounds and movies, custom animation and multimedia settings, slide transitions and timings, recording narrations. This session is designed for advanced users.

Wed                             4/23                             1-3 pm             CN127
Fri                               5/2                              9-11 am                       CN127

Presenter: Linda Inman







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Make an Appointment X7075




Introduction to MS Outlook-Email

This session will address the basic components of MS Outlook such as sending and receiving messages, sending attachments, flagging messages for follow up and using the out-of-office assistant. Other topics will include scheduling appointments, meetings and inviting participants.

Tue                  3/11                             1-3 pm             CN127

Presenter: CBIL


MS Outlook Advanced: Creating and Customizing Your Workspace
Learn to create contacts, an on-line Rolodex, and manage them. Learn as well to activate your personal address book, add new entries, search for entries and create distribution lists. Also learn to use your calendar to schedule meetings, appointments and events.

Wed                 3/19                             9-11 am                       CN127

Presenter: CBIL


MS Excel Basic
You will no longer be a novice after taking this workshop which will teach you how to create spreadsheets, format cells, enter numbers and dates and design charts to present business and financial information. This program is a great time saving tool to increase your productivity.

Thu                  2/27                             10-12 am                     CN127

Wed                 4/9                               9-11 am                       CN127
Presenter: CBIL

MS Excel Advanced
Work with advanced applications of Excel to build formulas, resize columns, rows and tables. Create powerful graphic presentations, including bar graphs and pie charts for classroom demonstrations. Prerequisite: Excel basics or prior experience using Excel.

Fri                   3/7                               1-3 pm             CN127
Wed                 4/16                             9-11 am                       CN127

Presenter: CBIL

Designing Web Pages with FrontPage 2000
Use FrontPage 2000 software to design and organize your course materials in a simple web page with links. Add images, graphs and charts to get your point across in a colorful way. Pages can be linked to your Blackboard course site for easy navigation.

Tue                  1/28                             9-11 am                       CN127
Wed                 3/5                               9-11 am                       CN127

Presenter: Jodie Pande

FrontPage 2000 Advanced
Learn to use styles and themes in FrontPage to create professional looking websites. Learn the basics of setting up page navigation, adding shared borders and publishing your site to the college server.
Prerequisite: FrontPage basics or prior experience using FrontPage.

Wed                 3/26                             1-3 pm             CN127
Mon                 4/14                             1-3 pm             CN127
Presenter: Jodie Pande

I Published My Site, Now What? New

Your web site is a work in progress, which needs constant upkeep. In this session learn how to update files and publish only the changed information using the FTP software. Learn as well the tips and shortcuts to keep your site always looking fresh.
Thu                              3/27                 1-3 pm                                    CN127
Mon                             4/21                 10-12 pm                                 CN127


Note: FrontPage sessions above are geared to faculty developing individual sites

To Register: Call Jan Petorak (314) 984-7381

Questions : Call Jodie Pande (314) 984-7075

Email: jpande@stlcc.edu

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