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What's New in Blackboard 5.5? - information on our recently upgraded Blackboard software.

Blackboard Portal at SLCC   

Blackboard Information and Procedures (What's Up)

Blackboard Training
Florissant Valley
Forest Park
Course Management: creating, copying & making courses unavailable
Procedures for Creating a Course
SLCC Blackboard Procedures for Reusing a Course
Blackboard New Course Request
Blackboard Request to Copy a Course for a New Semester
Request to have a Course made Unavailable
How to Transfer a Course from to SLCC Blackboard

AOL, Earthlink and Prodigy browsers: Special problems and solutions

Blackboard FAQ

Blackboard Support
• The toll free number for support from Blackboard is 1-888-788-5264 , our customer number is 10082
• You can also email Blackboard support at , include our customer number 10082
Blackboard 5 White Paper (2,151,000k pdf file)
Blackboard 5 Self-paced Walkthrough (670,000k exe file (PC only))
Enrolling Students & Changing Passwords
For Blackboard Faculty to Individually Add Students/Populate Classes
For Blackboard Faculty to Batch Add Students/Populate Classes
How to Reset a Student's Password
Blackboard Coordinator Instructions
For Blackboard Campus Coordinators to Add Faculty and Create Classes
For Blackboard Campus Coordinators to Link Faculty to Classes

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Developing and Teaching Blackboard Courses

Questions/Comments to Blackboard Coordinators
Florissant Valley (Jim Bone)
Forest Park (Lauren Baker)
Meramec (Jyoti Pande)

SLCC Distance Learning

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