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Special Problems with AOL and other ISP Browsers

AOL, Earthlink, Prodigy and a few other Internet Service Providers (ISP's) offer versions of their own internet browsers. These browsers may not work with Blackboard. To work around this problem, please try the following:

1. Make sure you have a recent version of Internet Explorer (above 4.0) or Netscape Navigator (above 4.0) available on your computer. If you don't, please go to the Microsoft Internet Explorer download page, to download their most recent browser, or the Netscape Communicator (Navigator) download page to download their browser. Install the browser on your computer.

2. Connect to the internet as you normally would using AOL or other service.

3. Minimize the AOL browser (or other ISP browser).

4. Find Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator on your desktop or in your programs menu and start the browser.

5. You should now be able to log on to Blackboard and interact with your Blackboard pages without any problems.

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