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Creating equations for Blackboard Quizzes using Microsoft Word

   Microsoft Word is able to create equations that are actually a graphics file that you can use in Blackboard quizzes.
   Here is a procedure you can follow to create the equation and it's graphic file, then put it into a quiz.

1. Open Microsoft Word and start a new document.

2. Click on Insert - Object

3. In the menu, choose Microsoft Equation, click OK.

4. Create and edit your equation using the equation tools given. If you need help with MS Equation, go to your MS Word help menu.

5. When finished, choose file - save as web page. Important: a folder will be created with the image file you will need for your assessment, remember where the file you are saving is, the folder will be in the same directory.

6. Open Blackboard, and begin to create a new question in a quiz with your assessment builder.

7. When you get to Add/Modify question, click Advanced.

8. Fill in the question text, then click on Add Image/File.

9. Browse to the folder that was created along with your web page file. Open the folder and you will find several files, including a .gif file. Select the file (it will likely be named something like image001.gif).

10 Choose "display on page".

11. You can also do the same process with the possible answers to your questions, depending on the answer type.

If you have difficulty, contact the Blackboard Coordinator at your campus:

Florissant Valley (Jim Bone)
Forest Park (Lauren Elliott)
Meramec (Jyoti Pande)








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