So you want to use Blackboard for another semester. Great!

You have the following choices:

Option 1: Copying a Course:

Unlike recycling which permanently removes the contents, copying a course simply makes a copy of your existing course with all its contents and puts it in a new shell. The old course still resides on the server and you can ask that it be made "unavailable" to avoid confusion (or you can rename it so that it is clear to you that it is not the current course). To request that your course be copied complete the following form at: and specify which of these areas you'd like copied:

·         Content         

·         Assessments/Pools         

·         Discussion Board

We will copy it without semester and section information in the course ID unless you specify otherwise.

Option 2: Creating a New Course.

BannerWeb will automatically generate a new course shell for every course with a CRN.

To create a new course without a CRN, use the form at and specify that it be sent to your Blackboard Coordinator. Examples of courses without a CRN include: practice sections, training, faculty forums, department/division forums, special groups/meetings, etc.

·         If you'd like a new course without a CRN, contact your campus Blackboard Coordinator.  Only the coordinators will be able to populate these classes.

For further info see "General Blackboard Info: What's Up" at

Instructions for developing your course, building student accounts, enrolling students are provided at: SLCC Blackboard Faculty Information Page (

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