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Chemical Technology

Results and Conclusions

Gap Analysis: Of the 372 skills/competencies in Surveys A, B, & C only 32 were greater than -.5. Table I lists in an abbreviated form those skills and competencies that have more than -.5 gap.


Table I [Negative Gap Topics]

Total Quality Management
Responsible Care Code
Proper Lifting Techniques
Preparing paperwork to order chemicals
Standard Operational Procedures
Good Manufacturing Practices
First Aid
Service Contracts
Emission Spectroscopy
Flow Charts
Statistical Tools
Handling Toxic Material


32 of 372 skills gives the Chemical Technology program a compliance of 91.4%. This result clearly indicates that the Chemical Technology program provides a very adequate coverage of the great majority of those skills and competencies listed in Surveys A, B, and C. However, the following suggestions are proposed: (a) Encourage a first aid class to be given either in class as a workshop or try to convince the physical education department to give one as a substitute for one or both PE credits in our curriculum. (b) Invite the quality control program in the engineering department to give a work shop on "Total Quality Management" and "Good Manufacturing Practices". Gaps greater than +1.5 accounted for 37 skills/competencies, which was 9.9% of the total.

Table II lists in an abbreviated form those skills and competencies that have more than +1.5 gap.

Table II [Positive Gap Topics]


Radioactivity and its Measurement
Process Valves
Gel Electrophoreses
Ion Selective Electrodes
Kinetics and Thermodynamics
Mass Spectroscopy
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Flameless Atomic Absorption
Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Capillary Electrophoreses
Identification of Organic Reaction Mechanisms
Chemical Equilibrium
Computer Molecular Modeling _________________________________________________


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