BannerWeb/Blackboard Access for Students

Most Blackboard access problems lead back to a problem with the BannerWeb PIN. To insure that students get help in an efficient manner,  the Blackboard coordinators are providing the following information..

Top Blackboard issues

1. Student has forgotten BannerWeb PIN

2. Student has reset BannerWeb PIN and not waited the appropriate time to access Blackboard (usually twenty-four hours).

3. Student does not know that BannerWeb access governs Blackboard access.

4. Student tells advisor they cannot access Blackboard and advisor  refers student to Blackboard coordinator before asking if they can access BannerWeb. The Blackboard coordinator must then send them back  to admissions for a BannerWeb PIN reset  (frustrating for student).

5. Student asks Blackboard coordinator to help reset their PIN using security question. This means the Coordinator would see secure information that should only be available to admissions and the student.

6. Course instructor has not set their Blackboard course module to be available to students.

7. Course is still assigned to STAFF in BannerWeb.

8. Students try to access Blackboard courses before start date of course.

Troubleshooting access problems

When a student declares they cannot access Blackboard, please ask them if they can access BannerWeb.

1.  If the answer is no or don't know:

a.     Please advise the student of the necessity to log into BannerWeb and set up a PIN number.  Better yet, help the student do so.
b.   Please advise the student to record their PIN somewhere.
c.     Please advise the student to set up a security question and that they can change
their own PIN if they forget it by answering  the security question.
d.    Please advise the student that the updated info, including a new PIN, will not appear in Blackboard immediately. Since the information does not update in Blackboard until the next information extract (typically the next day) this should be accomplished as soon as possible in the semester.

Note:  BannerWeb allows the student to enter more than six digits for a PIN --  This is  a bit misleading since BannerWeb actually TRUNCATES the info to six digits. Students must enter only six digits in the PASSWORD  field inside Blackboard.

2.  If the student CAN access BannerWeb but CANNOT access  Blackboard, and their PIN has NOT been reset in the past 24 hours, 

a.     Please advise the student of the Blackboard student help pages at

b.    Please  have them contact Jim Bone, the new Florissant Valley Blackboard Coordinator at or 595-4496. This is the only occasion when the Coordinator can do anything to help them with access to Blackboard, and typically has to do with anomalies in the  student's  BannerWeb ID- these problems are currently  resolved at the College Center level.