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QC 212 :5LA

QUALITY Tools for Advanced Manufacturing




1. Course Title: QUALITY Tools for Advanced Manufacturing

2. Course Number: QC 212 :5LA

3. Credit Hours: 3

4. Course Description:

Advanced course on the tools of quality used in a manufacturing environment.
The course is a distance learning course presented on the Internet with home work assignments submitted to the instructor via e-mail or fax and a final examination in a campus classroom.  
Topics covered include quality attitude, problem solving, quality statistics, probability, the tools of quality, process capability, process improvement, metrology, and computer generated charts and graphs.

5. Course Requirements Course Prerequisites: none Entry Test Requirements: none Course Corequisites: none

6. Learning Objectives (goals):

Successful students will learn and understand the following concepts and information related to Quality Technology.

The underlying reason for a Quality attitude

* The Statistics of Quality Process

* The use of the Quality Tools for maintaining and improving a process

* Determination of process Capability

* How to prepare and Analyze Quality data using computer generated charts and graphs

* Requirements of an acceptable metrology system

7. Expected Performance Outcomes (measurable): Students will:

* Manually prepare, Check sheets, Pareto diagrams, Histograms, flow charts, and control charts

* Using a computer with supplied software, generate charts and graphs for: Pareto diagrams, Histograms, Variable Control charts, Attribute Control charts, Calculations of Process Capability

* Develop a Process Improvement plan

* Identify the requirements for a Metrology laboratory

* Analyze Quality Data

8. Minimum Course Requirements :

* Submit written answers covering textbook material and material presented in the instructor notes .

* Final Examination








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