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Lori Thompson

Lori Thompson is Director of Physical Facilities at SLCC, where she is responsible for management of district-wide engineering and design, construction, and facilities maintenance. A native of Danville, Illinois, Lori received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Eastern Illinois University, and her Master of Science degree in Education from Illinois State University. She is a member of several professional organizations including The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA), the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP), and the St. Louis Construction Consumers Council (SLCCC). In 1994, she was selected to participate in the Leaders Program sponsored by the National Institute of Leadership Development (NILD). Throughout her 28 years as an administrator, she has remained strongly committed to the public education system.

As President of AAWCC-St. Louis for 2002-2003, Lori works “to find ways to give back to the community, provide women the opportunity to look inward, see who we are and what we can become, and strive to be better citizens and leaders.”


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