Directories Searchpath

Directories: The following directories are included in the yourSearchpath download.

docs/ - contains documentation for Searchpath, including resources for librarians and educators, credits, ideas for the use of the tutorial, and the Open Publication License.

glossary/ - contains the files and images associated with the "terms" in the navigation bar and in pop-up links throughout the tutorial.

help/ - contains help files for problems that may be encountered by tutorial users, such as printing quiz results and getting into Periodical Abstracts.

images/ - contains the images for the top level pages and navigation.

input/ - contains the feedback form files.

intro/  mod1/  mod2/  mod3  mod4/  mod5/  mod6/ - contain the files and images associated with respective modules in Searchpath, including quizes.

Library/ - contains the navigation bars as library items.

templates/ - templates for each module, and special pages like pop-up windows, search instructions in a frame, etc.

Pages:  The following individual pages are included in yourSearchpath:

choice.html - the module choice page

contents.html - lists the contents for all of Searchpath.

exit.html - lets users leave Searchpath with various choices in returning to the library site, goes with "exit" on the navigation bar.

index.html - the main homepage for the tutorial.

index-text-only.html - a text-only version of the homepage.

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