Problems Accessing STLCC Remote Databases?

Things to Check before you contact Us:

Is your ID number correct?
If you are a STLCC student, faculty member, or staff member, make sure you are entering your 9-character ID number -- for example A12345678.

Have you added the ST?
An ST must immediately follow your ID number, for example, A12345678ST.

Are you using a standard web browser?
Our website works best with a recent version of Firefox or IE.

Are cookies enabled in your browser?
EZproxy is the application we use to establish, or authenticate, that you are a current student, staff, or faculty member who can remotely access library resources. After you are authenticated by EZproxy, EZproxy sets a cookie in your browser to establish access to your session. Consult your Web browser manual or Internet Service Provider for information on how to setup your browser to allow cookies. For more information, visit Cookie Central.

Contacting us:

If you have problems accessing any of the STLCC online databases, contact your campus library Reference Department during regular library hours.

  • Florissant Valley: (314) 513-4420 or (314) 513-4517
  • Forest Park: (314) 644-9214 or (314) 644-9208
  • Meramec: (314) 984-7613
  • Wildwood: (636) 422-2000

At other times you may send e-mail to the Library System Manager.