Sound Design for Film and Video Production

Welcome to the self-paced sound design learning site! Your time spent with and attention to the information presented in these instructional movies will enhance your understanding of sound design principles for film and video production.

Getting Started

Agustin Gonzalez on camera narrator for web movies.
Agustín Gonzaléz

Ann Schulz on camera narrator for web movies.
Ann Schulz

Sound design principles are presented in a series of movies that demonstrate good quality sound elements in video and film.

The presenters for these modules are Agustín "Froggy" Gonzaléz
and Ann Schulz.

How Best to Use this Module
  • The modules are self-paced and menu-based to allow you flexibility.
  • You are strongly encouraged to follow the modules through the production process.
  • You can then return to specific segments for additional review.
  • You will need the Apple QuickTime Plugin to view the movies. A link is provided in the Resources section of this page.
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