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Photography has been profoundly affected by new digital technologies. In decades to come it will continue to change at a breathtaking rate. At Forest Park we are committed to keeping pace with these changes.

At the same time we are equally committed to supporting artists who want to work with analog processing in the wet darkroom. Whether you are into film or digital photography, Forest Park has fully equipped and up to date facilities ready and waiting for you.

Forest park has studio space and a full range of lighting equipment to support both portrait and product photography.

Our newly remodeled wet darkroom is equipped with diffusion and condenser 4x5 enlargers, the best lenses, and 4 blade easels, which is everything you would expect. We have an industry standard print viewing booth, archival washing, print finishing equipment and all the necessary film processing equipment to handle all major film formats.

For digital photography Forest Park has Mac computer stations running Adobe Photoshop. Each computer stations is equipped with a film scanners, Epson Inkjet printer, and USB card readers. Each printer is custom colored managed for high quality prints.

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