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St. Louis Community College is committed to meeting the challenges of preparing a high quality and productive manufacturing workforce for the St. Louis region. To fulfill this goal, the College is developing programs to enhance:

  • Public awareness of the needs and opportunities in technical careers

  • The partnerships between regional education institutions and business

  • Technical programs and services needed by the region

Accelerating technological changes in manufacturing and global competitiveness are affecting the education and training needs in all levels of the manufacturing technical workforce in Missouri. There is no other public, two-year college in the region that is offering the level of manufacturing curricula and programs to address these changes.

St. Louis Community College is uniquely positioned to create a center that will focus on the needs of the tech local workforce in manufacturing sectors in the St. Louis area. Florissant Valley has already committed staffing laboratories, equipment, and programming to support technical workforce needs in manufacturing. This new facility along with renovation of existing space will allow the college to enhance current curricula and add new programming that is needed in this area.

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