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Judy Thompson * Chuck Groth

Sabbatical Exhibit




Photography by David Hanlon

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Artist’s Statement
            In the spring of 2005, I was granted a sabbatical leave from Meramec. During that time, I pursued my project visiting six regional schools–potential schools that the graphic communications students might transfer to. This allowed me the opportunity to examine six graphic design programs with very different approaches and philosophies of teaching design. Classroom visits permitted close observation of the quality of teaching, the classroom environment and curriculum structure. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to dialogue with the directors of programs, instructors and the students.  My study resulted in a booklet entitled, A Look at Six Regional Schools which is now available for perusal in the art department.
            My sabbatical also gave me the opportunity to pursue my personal art-making in the studio and, more importantly, it allowed me to develop the habit of going there. My art-making continues now long after the sabbatical semester has passed and it continues to influence the way I teach, the projects that I offer in the design studios and how I foster conceptualization skills in the students. My art very much informs my teaching.   more...

Judy Thompson

Artist’s Statement:  Exploring Packaging Design

           There are a lot of reasons why packages are so attractive.  The surface graphics grab us and pull us in, moving us around the various surfaces, doling out the sales pitch and information slowly and at their own pace.  The sturdy but ephemeral quality of the cardboard lets us know that what we’re holding is at once disposable, discardable and recyclable as well as protective, strong and promising.
            My own fascination with the medium goes back forty years; I remember every time a family in the neighborhood had a new washer, dryer or refrigerator delivered, the kids along the street would clamor and claim dibs on the large cardboard box the appliance arrived in.  We would plan and compete to come up with the most clever use of the cardboard.  Sometimes it meant cutting a door and windows into the sides to make a clubhouse, other times more ingenious ideas surfaced.  Over the years, I developed not only an affinity, but a desire, to manipulate the flat cardboard plane into more complex forms.    more...

Chuck Groth




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