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Welcome to Algebra Online at St. Louis Community College 
at Meramec.  If you are planning to enroll in an internet
Algebra course (or have already enrolled in an internet 
course), then please familiarize yourself with the course
information found within these pages. 
*Students must activate their college provided e-mail ( 
in order to receive e-mails from their instructor and must contact 
their instructor through this e-mail before the semester begins.

Course Overview:

Coursework will be done using College Algebra and Intermediate Algebra books utilizing MyMathLab.  Students who have used MyMathLab as an interactive homework system will find many aspects of the course similar.  A typical assignment consists of a reading requirement and assessment on the reading, practice problems, and a graded homework assignment. This can be done on-line from anywhere with a valid internet connection.   After several assignments an in-class or proctored exam is administered.  This can be on the main campus or individual arrangements can be made for alternative testing arrangements.  Your instructor may supplement the material with quizzes, discussion boards, handouts, and the like.

The course is structured so that you may work at a pace that is faster (but not slower) than that required by scheduled examination dates. Students are evaluated on content through online quizzes, approximately five written tests and a comprehensive final exam. The tests and the final exam will be proctored at a predetermined location, usually on our main campus.  Students will also be evaluated on the quality of their online interactions with their peers and the instructor. 

Even though you will not have day to day physical contact with your instructor or your classmates, you will be expected to interact with them via Blackboard, where your instructor will provide instructional, administrative and management details for the class.  You will be responsible for monitoring your email on a daily basis, so you can receive and respond to all messages sent by your instructor or classmates.  The class list with the email addresses of each student will be available only to the members of the class and a few other instructors and/or tutors from the Mathematics Department.

Out of Area Students:  

If you are living outside the St. Louis metropolitan area you will have to contact the Meramec campus bookstore at (314) 984-7660 to arrange for payment and delivery of course material.   If you are going to be working outside of the area, you will need to supply your instructor with your mailing address, and you also need to find a contact person at a local college to proctor the exams.  You should start with the Mathematics department at a local college, and they may direct you to the school's assessment center.  If you do not have a local college, you may be able to find someone at a local high school. Supply your instructor with the person's name, their school name and department, their phone, regular address and e-mail address .  Your instructor will then make the necessary arrangements with the proctor. 


Learning Skills:

a) Are you an independent learner?  Can you discipline yourself to
learn by following written instructions, rereading whenever

b) How are your reading skills?  The software that delivers the
course requires that you do most of your learning by reading
and understanding the procedures that are described. The
program does have audio with it, but your reading skills
(especially comprehension) must be very good.

c) Are you able to establish and stick with a schedule?  You must
be self motivated and self disciplined enough to work on your
own. Since you will not be required to attend a regular class, it
is up to you to set up your own schedule of study and then
abide by it without being prodded by someone else.

d) Can you recognize when you need “human” assistance and seek
out help from the multitude of resources the college has to offer
you?  If you are working away from our campus, do you have
resource people available to you?

System Requirements:
Windows operating system with a new version of Internet Explorer or Firefox is recommended. 
The course materials MUST be purchased through the Meramec campus bookstore.

Contacting Your Instructor:

As soon as you are enrolled in one of the Online Algebra sections, contact your instructor by email.  Include your name, the course and section in which you are enrolled, and a nice introduction. Please note that Blackboard only uses your '' e-mail for communication - either set up auto-forwarding or be sure to check that account often. 

For information about your instructor, go to the Mathematics Department Web site:
and link to your instructor's webpage. 

Spring, 2016 Instructor Info

Intermediate Algebra

140.674 Aletta Speegle (
Kelly Ballard (

College Algebra

160.674 Jim Frost (
160.675 John Elliott (

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