Have you put off taking algebra because you are afraid you won’t understand all that stuff with x’s and y’s?

Did you have trouble understanding algebra when you took it in high school?

Did you get an F or D in algebra or have to withdraw because you just didn’t understand the basic concepts and everything went so fast in class?

Do you want to prepare yourself for taking Elementary Algebra (or for taking it again) by taking the time and making the effort to understand the concepts which are basic to algebra?

Would you be willing to use manipulatives (Hands-On Equations® and Algebra Lab Gear® and four-quadrant graphs) to help develop concepts that are basic to algebra?

Then you want to take the workshop course:

3 Credit Hours

Course Syllabus         Letter to Students

Working individually and/or in small groups on worksheets and problems, students will use various mathematics manipulatives (Hands-On Equations® , Algebra Lab Gear® , four-quadrant rectangular coordinate graphs, etc.) to explore algebra concepts in order to gain understanding of solving equations and inequalities, performing operations on polynomials, and graphing in the rectangular coordinate plane.

 Dr. Henry Borenson's HANDS-ON EQUATIONS® helps students understand solving linear equations

 Henri Picciotto's ALGEBRA LAB GEAR® helps students understand operations with polynomials

 Students observe relationships among equations, tables of values, and graphs

This workshop is designed especially for students who want to understand algebra rather than merely acquire rote learning of pencil and paper algebraic manipulations. This workshop is also valuable for teachers (including parents and tutors) who want to be effective in helping students understand algebra.

This workshop does not replace Elementary Algebra, but it can provide a thorough foundation that may enhance the probability for successful learning in the algebra sequence. In this Hands-On Math Lab course, students proceed at their own pace and may re-enroll for subsequent semesters as needed.

Fall Semester 2002 - August 27 through December 17


Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Spring Semester 2003 - January 13 through May 12


Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.


For more information you may contact Toni Garrett (314-984-7472)

or Fran Endicott Armstrong (314-984-7769).

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