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Dear Student,


You have expressed interest in taking one of the courses taught in the Hands-On Math Lab at St. Louis Community College at Meramec. Two courses are taught in the Hands-On Math Lab--MTH:004 HANDS-ON ARITHMETIC WORKSHOP and MTH:025 HANDS-ON ALGEBRA WORKSHOP. These courses are designed for students who realize that it will be beneficial in the long run to shift from trying to do mathematics by obedience to learning mathematics by understanding.

Also, these courses can be beneficial for teachers or students planning to become teachers.


In addition to class time, students enrolled in either Hands-On Math Lab course will need to work in the Hands-On Math Lab (CN 101C) on their mathematics because the manipulative materials are kept there.  You can check with the Mathematics Department to find out when CN 101 will be open.


The Instructor, however, will be available only during class time.
If a student wants to work with the manipulatives away from the Hands-On Math Lab, the student may ask the Instructor how and where to purchase some of the manipulatives.  


As part of the course requirements students will also complete workbooks from Key Curriculum Press. These are available for purchase in the college Bookstore (314-984-7660). Students should not work pages in the workbooks until they are directed to do so by direction sheets in the sequence of worksheets in the file cabinets in the Hands-On Math Lab. A direction sheet will direct students to do specific pages in a Key workbook after having completed specific guided discovery worksheets using the math manipulatives in the Hands-On Math Lab. Students should not work on the Key workbooks except as instructed to do so according to the direction sheets.


Students enrolled in a Hands-On Math Lab course are required to take a Computational Skills Survey Diagnostic Test. For students enrolled in Hands-On Arithmetic Workshop, the purpose of taking this diagnostic test is to determine which aspects of arithmetic computation the student does correctly and which areas of arithmetic the student needs to learn to do correctly. For students enrolled in Hands-On Algebra Workshop, the purpose of taking this diagnostic test is to determine whether there are any aspects of arithmetic computation that the student does not understand and thus which may impede progress in learning algebra. Algebra is not a different subject than arithmetic; algebra is arithmetic generalized to variables (e.g., letters representing numbers) in addition to real number constants. Therefore, what an individual does not understand in arithmetic will often cause difficulties in the learning of algebra. Additionally, teachers who are enrolled in either course will take this test in order to become familiar with the use of this diagnostic instrument.


Students will take the Computational Skills Diagnostic Test in the CN 101 testing room when that room is open before the course begins.  If a student has not taken the test before the course begins, then that student will take the test during the first week of class. Students may not use a calculator during this test.  Students will need to show a picture identification card (driver's license or student picture ID) in order to take the test.  One may phone CN 102 at 314-984-7779 to find out when CN 101 will be open.


We heartily encourage you to watch the 12-minute video about the Hands-On Math Lab which you can view in the Learning Lab on the second floor of Meramec's Library or in the Advising Office at either of our satellite campuses, SCEC and WCEC. You may also want to peruse the Hands-On Math Lab website If you have any questions or comments about the Hands-On Math Lab courses, please feel free to phone or e-mail either of us.



Fran Armstrong
(w) 314-984-7769
(h)  314-771-4402

Toni Garrett
(w) 314-984-7472
(h)  314-837-4151


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