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St. Louis Community College Meramec Physical Education


A faculty of four full time and over twenty-five specialists work together to provide quality instruction in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Meramec is proud to have the most comprehensive and diversified physical education course offerings on the higher education level in the St. Louis area. Students are encouraged to learn new skills, gain an understanding of lifelong fitness, or study in the pre-professional area. Certifications may be earned in several courses, such as scuba diving, first aid and community CPR.

Specific courses have been designed for the "Young At Heart", those age fifty-five and older. Click on theYoung At Heart button.

Courses are offered for college credit but may be audited for personal interest, skill or fitness. Instructors recognize individual differences and encourage students to focus on developing their own potential.

How do I meet the PE requirement at St. Louis Community College?
Make your choice from one of the following columns
  Choose two DIFFERENT one-hour activity courses



Choose any of the following to satisfy the entire requirement:

PE:153 Scuba Diving I (2cr)
PE:161 Stress Management (3cr)
PE: 180 Wellness/Fitness Concepts (3cr)


Choose any one-hour activity course PLUS one of the following:

PE:119 Care/Prevention-Athletic Injuries (3cr)
PE:120 Community CPR (1cr)
PE:129 First Aid (2cr)
PE:135 Health & Hygiene (3cr)
PE:147 PE in Elem Schools (3cr)
PED:201 Psychological Perspectives Exercise & Sport (3cr)

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