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St. Louis Community College Meramec Physical Education


Dance aerobics class.  I was surprised to see all the different moves everyone came up with!

Wellness/Fitness Concepts ( on line): "...a great class. A caring instructor as well as an informative class."

Yoga class: "...I have developed a deep and sincere respect for my body. I am less impatient and more tolerant with people."

Deep Water Aerobics class: "This class has really been of benefit to me. I do not have the pain in my knees I used to have."

Water Aerobics class: "This class has helped me lose 7 pounds and gain range of motion in my arthritic joints."

Water Aerobics class: "This class is stress releasing, motivating and fun.

Walking class: "For the first time in my life, I know how to figure my pulse; how to tell if I am just burning fat; and if I am really giving my heart muscle a workout. I'm so glad I took this class!"

Health class: "I realize that I have to make a lot of changes before I can consider myself truly healthy."

Health class: "You learn information that you can use in everyday life."

Stress management class: "Personal relevance and practical applications of information."

Walking class: "Walking has improved my desire to improve my fitness level through awareness of what is required to stay healthy."

Walking class: "I seem to have more energy, better mood and it has improved my dancing."

Volleyball class: "Out of all the classes I've had at SCEC, you're the greatest and the class is wonderful."

Deep Water Aerobics class. "The class ... has given me some vital life details that are graduating more toward a healthy way of life."

Body Contouring: "Overall this class has helped me to restructure my life to focus on eating healthy and using exercise to keep my body and mind healthy."

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