Florence Ann Bommarito

Instructor Electronic Studio and Graphic Communication
in the Humanities Art Department


ART:122 Computer Art Studio (3 credits) Syllabus Computer Art Studio
An introduction to computers for the creation of artworks applicable to the advertising and graphic design industry. Topics covered include: utilization of the methods and procedures involved with a variety of computer functions, as well as graphics software and hardware as they apply to graphic design. No previous computer experience is necessary. An art career interest is desired.
ART:244 Graphic Production (2 credits) Syllabus Graphic Production
Editorial preparation and layout of copy for publication. Includes a study of style; the point system; type faces; word and character count; texture substances and uses of paper; printing process; photo engraving; plate-making; and offset lithography to acquaint the student with the practical and economical advantages of different media used in the production of publication.
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