Computer Art studio

Instructor: Mrs. Florence Bommarito
Computer Art Studio
Office Phone: 513-4375

Attendance: Class attendance is required. This class meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:00 p.m. each week. Missing lectures, demonstrations, speakers, critiques and lab discussions interrupts the continuity of the course thus placing you in jeopardy of failing the course. Missing Four (4) or more scheduled class sessions over the term of the semester will greatly reduce your success in meeting the class expectations and can adversely effect your final grade. Therefore you are responsible for all material covered during all class sessions. You should contact your i nstructor prior to a class session if you will miss. A phone call and brief voice message will suffice. In the event you accumulate excessive absence, you should make an appointment with your instructor to discuss the options that may be available to correct the problem.

If you are late to a class session, it is your responsibility to see the instructor by the end of that class session to make sure the daily attendance record will reflect your presence. No adjustments will be made to attendance records after the class date. During the next weeks you must treat your participation in this class with the professional commitment of employment in a design studio.

Grades/Tests: The quality of work in industry is defined by the effort put forward, the background and research developed, the critical thinking applied to the problem to formulate solutions, and the execution of the final product. In keeping with these industry standards, your grade represents the overall quality of the work you perform during the semester. Your grade will be the combined result of your individual class projects, project presentations, classroom work, classroom critiques, class participation, class attendance, all field trip attendance, written test and research and preliminary drawings as assigned. There will be required reading.

Deadline dates for each project will be provided. All assignments MUST be completed and submitted for grading. Tests dates will be assigned at least one (1) class session prior to the test date. You will have ample notice of each test, therefore, except for extremely unusual situations. No Make Up Test will be given. Attitude: Students are expected to attend class session with a Professional Work Ethic, Work Attitude, and be prepared for class. The Materials (Supplies and project information, scrap, and reference) are brought to every class session. (See "Statement of Expected Student Classroom Behavior" and the Arts Department's "Requirements to Successfully Complete a Course" handouts.

5 Zip disks preformatted for the Macintosh. (IBM disks formatted for macintosh are not acceptable.)
(These are to start the semester. More may be needed as the projects progress.)
Mouse pad
Drawing paper and couple of sheets of tracing paper
Note Paper and Note Book

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