Graphic Production II

Instructor: Mrs. Florence Bommarito
Graphic Production
Office Phone: 513-4375

Expectations: Your success in the following areas:

Develop a working knowledge of the computer as a graphic art tool
Translate a working knowledge of printing processes to the computer for PrePress Production
Develop prepress techniques for single and multi-colored artworks using the computer
Develop a working knowledge of computer typography
Develop and employ project methodologies
Develop and employ project/file management techniques
Develop and maintain project information (background, scrap, etc.)
Develop and employ effective listening and note taking
Develop and employ critical thinking and visual problem solving techniques as applied to graphic reproductions projects

Attitude: Students are expected to attend class session with a Professional Work attitude, ethic, and prepared for class. All materials (tools and project information, scrap, and reference) are to be brought to every class session.

(See "Statement of Expected Student Classroom Behavior" and the Arts Departments' "Requirements to Successfully Complete a Course" handouts.)

Projects: (A general list of projects will be assigned by the instructor during the second week of class and may be modified as the instructor deems appropriate during the semester. All projects and exercises will have specific deadlines assigned to them. Failure to meet assigned deadlines will result in at least one letter lower grade on the project. Failure to submit the work for evaluation may result in a failing grade for the course.)

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