The students in this class will notice that plenty of help is available to improve their performance in the class. Supplemental Instructional Program (SIP), a part of college's academic help branch usually provides tutors to students who need help with mathematical problems and the concepts discussed in the class. These tutors are students who have taken the course in previous semesters and earned a grade of A or B from the course. In addition, students should meet with the instructor during his office hours, should they encounter difficulty in understanding the lecture materials or lab experiments. Instructor's office hours are listed in the syllabus on the web page. The Advising Office is commonly viewed as a central information resource for students. Students can obtain information regarding services available on campus, discuss course concerns, and receive referrals when necessary. Academic Advisors can assist you in planning courses that will help you reach your educational goals. They can help you enroll at the college, clarify requirements for the college's degrees and certificates, and explain college policies. Advisors can also give you accurate information about course transferability. For more information call 984-7050 at Meramec and talk to one of the advisors. If you still feel that you cannot handle this class REMEMBER THE DEADLINE FOR WITHDRAWAL FOR THIS CLASS IS APRIL 13, 2007. GOOD LUCK