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Grace Liu, a native Chinese, teaches English as Second Language in the English Department of the Forest Park campus, St. Louis Community College, St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America.

In addition to teaching, Grace Liu also works as the coordinator for the China Exchange Project of St. Louis Community College. Since 1998, St.Louis Community College Missouri and Hunan Normal University, Hunan, China have been working on the development of an exchange project for faculty and students.

From this web site you can learn more about this project. You can find out how the project started, what has been accomplished, and what is taking place now. The links we have on this site will take you to the home pages of St. Louis Community College and Hunan Normal University.

This project is new and challenging for us, but it can create enormous opportunities for our faculty and students to participate as global learners. Special thanks have to be given to the Board of Trustees, St. Louis Community College, Chancellor Shannon, and Dean Smith for their strong & unfailing support for the development of the project since it's beginning.

I hope that you enjoy your reading of our web site. Comments and suggestions are welcome. You may contact me or other participants through e-mail.

Thank you for visiting our web site.

Grace Liu


art instruction.

Chancellor Henry Shannon

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