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The "China Project" started as a result of the China Study Abroad Program developed by faculty at Forest Park campus of St. Louis Community College in May 1998.
In the spring of 1998, a special course: Introduction to Chinese Civilization (CHI: 500) was proposed by the Global Education Advisory Committee, endorsed by the International Education Office of St. Louis Community College, and developed at Forest Park campus. In May 1998, twenty-one faculty, students, and staff from three campuses registered and participated in the program. The course included pre-departure workshops examining cultural patterns in China, and extensive reading in Chinese history and philosophy. Various quest speakers provided mini-lectures on different specific aspects of Chinese life and thought.

The trip itself was designed to be a continuation of cultural studies through observation and personal experience. The group visited six cities, each carefully chosen for its historical, economic, social, political, and sub-cultural patterns that make up the beautiful mosaic of modern day China. During the fourteen-day trip in China, the group visited a high school, a university, and held a formal meeting with city officials including a vice Mayor.

The visit to Hunan Normal University was particularly interesting and productive. We toured various academic buildings on campus, the university library, and the guesthouse for exchange programs. Through careful advanced planning, we met with University officials to discuss the establishment of a faculty and student exchange program between SLCC and Hunan Normal University. This formal meeting was followed by lively small group and one-on-one discussions.

Once the group returned from China, there was a debriefing/follow-up session. Our purpose was to discuss impressions of the fourteen-day trip and relate our experience and observations to earlier readings and class discussions.

As a follow-up of the discussion we had in Hunan Normal University, a delegation led by the vice president of Hunan Normal University visited SLCC in spring of 1999. During its stay in St. Louis, the delegation toured Forest Park campus, met with Chancellor Blevins and Vice Chancellor Donohue, President Shannon, Forest Park faculty, administrators, and staff. Dr. Shannon and Vice President Lou Weizhi signed "An Agreement to Cooperate between Hunan Normal University and St. Louis Community College."

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