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Background Timeline

In June 1999, Forest Park campus offered the second China Studies Program. Fourteen faculty and staff from three campuses participated in the program. After finishing the first part of the course of cultural studies on campus, the group spent seventeen days in China, visiting seven cities, two universities, a high school, a kindergarten, and experiencing extensive contact with Chinese people and families through official meetings, lectures, and family visits.

In May 2000, SLCC Art faculty, Yingxue Zuo led an art class to China. The course developed specially for this group was "Art Study in China." As part of the course, the group spent five day on campus of Hunan Normal University taking course. Also, Hunan Normal University
housed our students.

On behalf of Chancellor Shannon of SLCC, former Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences of Forest Park, Ms. Sawyer went to Hunan Normal University while the group was there to sign the formal exchange agreement and individual faculty exchange contracts.

In fall of 2000, Margaret Johnson, Dr. Zheng, Yan, and Professor Jiang, Songrong participated as the first faculty exchange between SLCC and Hunan Normal University. It was a great learning experience both for the American faculty and Chinese faculty members.

In May of 2001, Professor Yingxue Zuo led his second Art Study in China group to Hunan Normal University. They also spent five days with faculty and students of the Art College of Hunan Normal University this year.

In July of 2001, another delegation of administration from Hunan Normal University visited SLCC.

In August of 2001, Grace Liu will spend the Fall semester at Hunan Normal University as the second exchange faculty member from SLCC to Hunan Normal University. She will teach English courses, provide some training for junior faculty, and conduct some research.

Future plans have to be worked out on how to improve the exchange of faculty and students, encourage more involvement, sustain the support of the administration, and how to focus more on curriculum development with global education.

Report on the China Delegation Visit & the Exchange Agreement between SLCC & Hunan Normal University, Changsha, Hunan, China, May 1999, by Pete Kellams.


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