Chris Markham: Mississippi Odyssey

If you're going to travel down the Mississippi River you'll need a boat, or at least something that floats. Different people over the years have managed some pretty imaginative solutions to this first hurdle; if you check out our story about traveling the Upper Mississippi you'll see a picture of Alex who built his own raft. But of all the folks who have made the journey, I'm only aware of one who used his thumb! Chris Markham hitchhiked down The Great River.

A writer and photographer, Chris has published a book that chronicles his adventure: Mississippi Odyssey. It's a delightful tale of his journey, of the people he met and of The Great River. Chris does a splendid job of weaving together his own personal experience with just the right amount of history and the stories of the people he traveled with to paint an inspiring portrait of America's heartland. I think I especially enjoyed his book because he manages to convey the allure, the almost mystical power that the river holds over those of us in its spell.

Highly recommended, you can get a copy of Mississippi Odyssey from your local bookseller. Click on the image of Chris's book cover above and you'll be taken to his own website where you can learn more.

Chris has graciously allowed me to place here a few of my favorite excerpts from his book. I trust you'll enjoy them and then go get your own copy of Mississippi Odyssey. Here's a direct link to Borders if you're ready to buy.

 excerpt 1

 excerpt 2

 excerpt 3

 excerpt 4

 excerpt 5

 excerpt 6

 excerpt 7

 excerpt 8